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Our traceable worksheets are aimed at our younger users and are perfect for improving pen control. Use the dotted lines to trace over and create the picture. 

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Our latest Traceable content is shown below, let us know if there is something you can't find.

Ants Traceable

Ant Tracing Page

Improve pen control with our smiley ant tracing page. Perfect for younger children first starting to write.

Bees Traceable

Bee Tracing Page

Bees are such fascinating creatures. Did you know that only female bees sting? This fun little busy bee tracing page is perfect for teaching younger children pen control and great for those studying bees.

Beetles Traceable

Beetle Tracing Page

We have created our beetle tracing page to help our younger children practice their pen control. Lots of straight lines and curves to work on.

Butterflies Traceable

Butterfly Tracing Page

Our cute butterfly has been turned into a tracing page. Perfect for our younger users to practice pen control.

Caterpillar Traceable

Caterpillar Tracing Page

Younger children can practice their pen control with our cute smiley caterpillar tracing page. 

Centipedes Traceable

Centipede Tracing Page

Have your child use their finger or pen to trace around the centipede. You can get them to count how many legs it has.

Crane Flies Traceable

Crane Fly Tracing Page

Trace over the dotted lines with either your finger or a pen to reveal the crane fly. Great for pen control practice.

Dragonflies Traceable

Dragonfly Tracing Page

Our cute smiley dragonfly tracing page is perect for our younger users. Use the page to trace over with your finger or use a crayon or pencil to help with pen control.

Earwigs Traceable

Earwig Tracing Page

Are you doing a project on minibeasts? This earwig tracing page is great for younger children wanting to improve pen control.

Flies Traceable

Fly Tracing Page

We have created a great fly tracing page perfect for helping to practice pen control.

Flowers Traceable

Grasshoppers Traceable

Grasshopper Tracing Sheet

A grasshopper tracing sheet. Great for our younger audience to help with pen control. 

Ladybirds Traceable

Ladybird Tracing Page

A cute ladybird tracing page, perfect for helping early years with pen control. 

Monsters Traceable

Moths Traceable

Moth Traceable Page

Our moth traceable page is perfect for practicing pen control. Why not laminate and use it again and again?

Princesses Traceable

Scorpions Traceable

Scorpion Tracing Sheet

Trace over the lines to reveal our fun little scorpion. Great for younger children practicing pen control.

Slugs Traceable

Slug Tracing Page

A very smiley slug tracing page. Great for introducing children to pen control.

Snails Traceable

Snail Tracing Page

Our cute snail tracing is perfect for younger children needing to practice pen control.

Spiders Traceable

Spider Tracing Page

Our cute smiley spider features in our spider tracing page. Perfect for teaching pen control.

Stick Insects Traceable

Stick Insect Tracing Page

Trace over the lines using your finger or pen to reveal our stick insect. Great for younger children learning pen control.

Wood Louse Traceable

Wood Louse Tracing Page

A wood louse tracing page perfect for helping younger children with their pen control.

Worms Traceable

Worm Tracing Page

A cute little wiggley worm perfect for younger children to finger trace or to help with their pen control.