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Whether you are interested in animals or Ancient Egypt our information sheets cover a wide variety of topics. Each of our sheets contain a colouring and lots of interesting facts.

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Our latest Information sheet content is shown below, let us know if there is something you can't find.

Ancient Egypt Information sheet

Egyptian Goddess Isis Information Sheet

This great information and colouring sheet of the Egyptian Goddess Isis has lots of interesting facts and a detailed picture to colour in. Perfect for those studying Ancient Egypt.

Nefertiti Information Sheet

We have a great information sheet on the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti with lots of interesting facts and a picture to colour in.

Ancient Greece Information sheet

Ancient Greek Ladies Information Page

Ancient Greek ladies led very different lives and had very different fashions to the women of today. We have created a lovely information sheet giving you an insight into the lives of women in Ancient Greece together with a picture for you to colour.

Ancient Greek Vase Information Page

We have created and extra page with our outline of an Ancient Greek amphora vase. This gives some information about Greek "Story Vases" and is perfect for you to decorate. The Ancient Greeks decorated their "story vases" with pictures of monsters, gods and heroes. Why not try creating your own Greek "story vase"? Once finished, you could even cut it out and use it for a display.

Artemis Information Page

Artemis was the Greek Goddess of the hunt, forests and hills, the moon and archery. We have created a great Artemis information page giving you some key facts and a picture for you to colour.

Athena Information Page

Here we have a great information page containing lots of facts and a colouring of the Greek Goddess Athena, the Goddess of war and wisdom. 

Greek Goddess Nike Colouring Page

A colouring of the Greek Goddess Nike, the Goddess of speed, strength and victory.

Greek Goddess Nike Information Page

Nike is the Greek Goddess of speed, strength and victory. Here we have an information page all about Nike which includes a great colouring. 

Greek Hoplite Information Page

Do you know how the Greek Hoplites got their name or what a "phalanx" is? Find out the answer to these questions and get lots more information and a drawing to colour on our Greek hoplite information page.    

Greek Mercenary Information Page

Find out more information about Greek mercanaries on our Greek mercanary information page. There is also a picture for you to colour in. 

Greek Temple Information Page

In Ancient Greece, temples housed a statue of the God or Goddess that the city worshipped. We have lots more information on Ancient Greek temples and a colouring on our information page.

Mycenaean Pot Information Page

Mycenaean Greece was equivalent to the Greek Bronze Age. Here we have an information page with a colouring of a Mycenaean pot for you to enjoy.

Pegasus Information Page

According to Greek mythology Pegasus was a beautiful winged horse. Find more facts about Pegasus in our information and colouring page.

Trojan Horse Information Page

We have created an information page telling us the story of the Trojan horse together with a colouring. Perfect for those that have an interest or are studying Ancient Greece.

Aztecs Information sheet

Aztec God Quetzalcoatl Information Sheet

What do you know about the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl? This great information sheet tells you lots about the Aztec God and the legends that surround him.

Aztec God Tonatiuh Information Sheet

Tonatiuh was an Aztec sun God. Find out more about this interesting God in our great information sheet.

Aztec God Xolotl Information Sheet

Xolotl was the Aztec God of fire and lightning. Find out more information about this God and the legends that surround him in our information sheet. 

Aztec Temple Information Sheet

Aztec temples were built on top of pyramids, do you know what they were used for? Find out with this great information and colouring sheet.

Fruit and Vegetable Information sheet

Oceans and Continents Information sheet

Other Information sheet

Pets Information sheet

Gecko Fact Sheet

Our fact sheet contains lots of interesting kid friendly facts about geckos as well as a great picture for them to colour and enjoy.

Summer Information sheet

Under The Sea Information sheet

Submarine Coloring Sheet

A great information colouring page all about submarines.

Zoo Information sheet

Giraffe Colouring Sheet

The giraffe is the tallest land mammal in the world. Did you know that a giraffe spends most of its life on its feet? It even sleeps standing up! We have a great giraffe colouring sheets with lots of cool giraffe facts for you to enjoy