Pets Colouring Sheets

Our pets section is great if you are studying a pets themed topic or even if your child wants to learn more about their favourite pet. 

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Colouring Page

Cat Adult Colouring

If you love cats then you are sure to love our cat adult colouring page. There is lots of detail to keep you busy and help you relax.

Cat Adult Colouring 2

Another of our detailed adult colouring pages, perfect for older children and to help the busy adult relax. This page is perfect for all those cat lovers and features a very detailed cat.

Cat Adult Colouring Orange

Here we have a beautiful cat adult colouring page with the background already pre-filled orange. This will help your beautuful colouring to stand out more. 

Cat Colouring Outline

This great cat colouring is a bit easier for younger children and also can be used by older children as an outline to doodle within. 

Cat Cute Colouring

This cute fat cat colouring is great for younger children or any cat lover. 

Cat Cute in Field Colouring

Our cute fat cat in a field of grass, flowers and butterflies is perfect for all those cat lovers. 

Dog Adult Colouring

Who couldnt love a cute dog? We have created a detailed dog adult colouring page, perfect for older children and adults that want to relax.

Dog Colouring

There are lots of dog lovers around and we have a great dog colouring sheet for you all to enjoy.

Fish Colouring

Our fish colouring page has lots of detail and beautiful fish for you to enjoy. Why not get those bright crayons out and colour in this relaxing sheet?

Fish Colouring Blue Background

Our lovely fish colouring page with a blue background to make your colourings stand out more.

Fish Large Colouring

This happy fish colouring is perfect for younger children. This looks lovely coloured in bright colours. 

Gecko Colouring

An easy gecko for you to colour or add decorations. 

Gecko Colouring 1

Did you know that the most common pet gecko is the leopard gecko? We have a lovely detailed gecko colouring page, perfect for older children.

Gecko Colouring 2 Green

Gecko's are such interesting creatures. Did you know that most species of gecko can detach their tail and regrow it! We have a lovely detailed gecko to colour in a green background. 

Gecko Decorated Colouring

A great detailed colouring of a gecko. 

Guinea Pig Colouring

We have a very cute guinea pig for you to colour.

Guinea Pig Cute Colouring

We have a really cute guinea pig perfect for younger children and all those guinea pig fans. 

Parrot Adult Colouring

Our fantastic parrot adult colouring page is jam packed with detail. Why not get them bright crayons out and make this lovely parrot beautiful? Perfect for older children, parrot lovers and all those adults who want a great relaxing page to enjoy.

Parrot Colouring

We have created a great parrot colouring sheet for you to enjoy and make beautiful. 

Rabbit Adult Colouring

Our fantastic rabbit adult colouring page is jam packed with detail. This is perfect for the older child or adult that loves to colour. 

Rabbit Colouring

This lovely rabbit colouring is perfect for younger children. 

Rabbit Cute In Field

Our cute rabbit in a field of flowers colouring page is a big hit with both younger and older children. Perfect if you are wanting a rabbit as a pet or you are studying a rabbit theme.

Rabbit in Field Colouring

This colouring features our cute rabbit in a grassy field. Perfect for all the rabbit lovers or those considering getting a rabbit as a pet.

Rabbit Large Cute Colouring

This cute large rabbit is such a favourite with our younger users. Great if you are studying rabbits or are wanting a rabbit as a pet or even if you are wanting a spring or Easter themed page. We hope you ebjoy it.

Snake Adult Colouring

We have a great snake adult colouring page. Perfect for adults, older children or younger children wanting a challenge.

Tortoise Adult Colouring

We have created a lovely tortoise colouring with lots of detail. Perfect for older children and adults.

Tortoise Colouring

Tortoises make great pets. Here we have a lovely hand drawn tortoise colouring page free for you to download. This is great to colour in on its own or why not add some detail or doodling to make it extra special?

Tortoise Detailed Colouring

Here we have a more detailed tortoise colouring free for you to download and enjoy.

Information sheet

Gecko Fact Sheet

Our fact sheet contains lots of interesting kid friendly facts about geckos as well as a great picture for them to colour and enjoy.