Remembrance Sunday

Each year in the United Kingdom Remembrance Sunday is held on the second Sunday in November. It commemorates the contribution of the British and Commonwealth people who fought in the First and Second World War and later conflicts.

Remembrance Sunday Worksheets

Design A Medal for Remembrance Day

Design your own medal to commemorate Remembrance Day. Don't forget to colour it in to make it extra special. You could even write a story about how your medal was earned.

Remembrance Sunday Colouring Sheets

Lest We Forget Colouring Page

This Remembrance Day colouring features a soldier and poppies and the traditional words "Lest We Forget" to honour all the soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

Poppies Colouring Page

This detailed picture of poppies is perfect for a nature or flower study or for colouring on Remembrance Sunday to remember fallen soldiers.

Poppy Wreath Colouring Page

This poppy wreath is a perfect colouring to commemorate Remembrance Sunday. You could colour it in and write a poem or story in the centre.

Remembrance Day Colouring Page

This Remembrance Day colouring features a grave and poppies to honour all those fallen soldiers.

Remembrance Day Poppies Colouring Page

This banner is all ready to be coloured in featuring the words "Lest we Forget" and lots of poppies to honour those fallen in conflict.

Remembrance Day Poppy Colouring Page

This simple poppy colouring is perfect for honouring those fallen in conflict. You could add your own words or poem and colour in the poppy.

Remembrance Day Soldier Silhouette Page

This Remembrance Day colouring page features a silhouette of a soldier, you can either colour fit in or fill it with words to express your sympathy for the fallen soldiers. 

Remembrance Day Words Template

This template has the words "Remembrance Day" and "Lest We Forget" and is all ready to be decorated to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.

Remembrance Poppy Colouring Page

This large Remembrance Day poppy is like those worn every year to raise money for veterans. Don't forget to wear yours with pride. 

Remembrance Sunday Puzzle Sheets

Remembrance Day Word Search

This Remembrance Day word search has lots of words to find, remember to look diagonally as well as horizontally and vertically.

Remembrance Day Word Search Easy

This Remembrance Day word search has lots of words to find. We have made this easier by only including vertical and horizontal words to make it suitable for younger children. 

Poppy Grid Copy

Copy the poppy using the grid provided. This is a simple grid copy and is a great one to use for Remembrance Sunday.

Remembrance Poppy Grid Copy

This poppy is like the ones worn for Remembrance Sunday. Draw your own by using the grid provided and copying it one square at a time.

Poppy Dot To Dot

Join the dots to reveal this Remembrance Day poppy.

Poppies Colour Copy

This picture of some beautiful poppies is all ready to be coloured in. Use the existing picture to help you choose your colours. Perfect for those doing a flower or nature study or for an activity for Remembrance Sunday.

Complete The Poppy

Complete the picture of the poppy in this Remembrance Day puzzle.

Remembrance Sunday Printables

Remembrance Day Bookmarks To Colour

Cut out and colour these Remembrance Day bookmarks.

Remembrance Day Soldier Silhouette Poster

This Remembrance Day poster features the silhouette of a soldier. Why not Colour in the words and add to a display for Remembrance Sunday?

Remembrance Day Writing Frame

Colour the poppies and write a story in this Remembrance Day writing frame.

Printable Poppies

Print out these 6 colourful poppies. Perfect for cutting out and using in a class display or to decorate a Remembrance Day piece of work. 

Printable Poppies to Colour

Print out these 6 poppies, cut them out and colour them in. Perfect for display or to decorate a piece of work.

Soldier Template

Use the templates and cut them out, you can fill them with words for Remembrance Sunday or do your own design inside them. There are lots of uses for these great templates.