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Acrostic poems use the letters of a word to start each line. Children can then build a poem or list based on the words e.g a poem acrostic poem might be -

P ut a few words 

O n every line

E ach time you do 

M ake them rhyme

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Ancient Egypt Acrostic Poems

Egypt Acrostic Poem

Our great Egyptian Acrostic poem worksheet is sure to keep you busy.

Cars Acrostic Poems

Cars Acrostic Poem

A great fun cars acrostic poem sheet. Great for a transport theme or those kids that love cars.

Fruit and Vegetable Acrostic Poems

Trains Acrostic Poems

Train Acrostic Poem

Can you think of some great train words or a poem about a train? This acrostic poem sheet is sure to help and get the kids thinking.

Transport Acrostic Poems

Transport Acrostic Poem

We have created a great colourful transport acrostic poem sheet, perfect for a transport theme.