Puzzle Sheets - Sudoku

Sudoku is ideal for children, it helps develop important logic and problem solving skills. These printable sudoku pages are not only fun but have various levels of difficulty, helping the child progress. We have both themed Sudoku using relevant words and also the more traditional number Sudoku. 

Themed Sudoku content

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Our latest Sudoku content is shown below, let us know if there is something you can't find.

Ancient Egypt Sudoku

Ancient Egyptian Number Sudoku

Fill in the grid with the numbers 1-9 in this great Ancient Egypt number Sudoku. We also have a solution sheet that you can also print out. Why not colour in the pyramids at the bottom of the page to make this sheet extra special?

Ancient Egyptian Word Sudoku

Fill in the grid with the letters that make up the word “Nile” in this great Ancient Egyptian word Sudoku. Also includes some great little pictures to colour in.

Ancient Greece Sudoku

Ancient Greece Number Sudoku

Here we have a traditional number Sudoku decorated with some Ancient Greek coins. Great for helping with problem solving and logic skills.

Greek Gods Easy Sudoku

In Ancient Greece they worshipped a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. One of these Gods is Zeus, the God of the sky. Can you put all the letters of the words "ZEUS" into this ancient Greece Sudoku puzzle? There are two easy puzzles for you to try complete with the solutions.

Ancient Rome Sudoku

Ancient Rome Number Sudoku

We have created a harder Ancient Rome themed number Sudoku using the numbers 1-9. This is suitable for more experienced Sudoku puzzlers or slightly older children. There are also some Ancient Rome themed pictures to colour whilst you are puzzling. 

Ancient Rome Word Sudoku

We have created an easier Ancient Rome word Sudoku suitable for younger puzzlers.  

Autumn Fall Sudoku

Autumn / Fall Number Sudoku

This fun Autumn number Sudoku is decorated with some leaves for you to colour in some lovely Autumnal colours. 

Fall Sudoku

Can you use the letters from the word "FALL" to complete this fun Sudoku? This is extra easy as it contains two of the same letter so is perfect for those first starting out doing Sudoku. 

Aztecs Sudoku

Aztec Mask Sudoku

Fill in the grid with the letters that make up the word "MASK" in this great Aztec sudoku game.

Aztec Number Sudoku

Test your logic skills with this Aztecs number sudoku with a bonus Aztec pattern for you to colour in. 

Bicycles Sudoku

Bike Sudoku

We have created two easy Sudoku that spell the word "BIKE". This is great as part of a transport theme or for all those children that love their bicycles.

Boats Sudoku

Boat Sudoku

Two great "BOAT" Sudoku on one page. These are easier Sudoku, so are perfect for those first starting out. 

Cars Sudoku

Cars Sudoku

Two great Sudoku that spell the words "CARS". These are perfect to help improve logic skills and are a very popular puzzle.

Dance Sudoku

Ballet Sudoku

This is a harder dance Sudoku page which is decorated with little ballet shoes.

Dance Sudoku Easy

We have a nice easy dance Sudoku page perfect for younger kids or children just starting Sudoku.

Easter Sudoku

Easter Sudoku

We have a great Easter Sudoku puzzle for you to try. Use the letters "HUNT" in this Easter themed Sudoku.

Farm Animals Sudoku

Flowers Sudoku

Minibeasts Sudoku

Monsters Sudoku

Musical Instruments Sudoku

Drum Sudoku

This easy Sudoku is great for younger children or those first being introduced to the puzzle. It has a great musical instrument theme and a drum to colour in. 

Other Sudoku

Hanukkah Easy Sudoku

This easy Hanukkah "Gelt" Sudoku is perfect for younger children and children first being introduced to the puzzle. Sudoku is a great way to improve logic skills.

Hanukkah Sudoku

This Hanukkah themed number Sudoku is slightly harder and great for older children. Perfect for improving logic skills. 

St Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Sudoku

We have three easy Sudoku puzzles all with a pot of "GOLD" St Patricks theme. We have also included a small colouring to keep you busy while you are working on the puzzles. 

Thanksgiving Easy Sudoku

This Thanksgiving Sudoku is a great way to introduce younger children to Sudoku. There are two easy puzzles where you have to put the letters of the word "kind" into the grid.  

Thanksgiving Mayflower Sudoku

This Thanksgiving "Mayflower" Sudoku is aimed at slightly older children. Put the letters of the word "Mayflower" into the grid following the rules to solve this great puzzle.

Thanksgiving Number Sudoku

This Thanksgiving Sudoku is a more traditional number Sudoku decorated with a Thanksgiving theme. We have included a downloadable solution in case you get stuck. 

Pirates Sudoku

Princesses Sudoku

School Sudoku

School Sudoku Easy

We have created an easy school "Read" Sudoku sheet with two Sudoku puzzles for younger children to enjoy. We have a solution sheet available as well in case they get stuck.

School Sudoku Harder

We have created a school number Sudoku sheet that is slightly harder for older children or younger children that want a challenge. 

Space Sudoku

Summer Sudoku

Park Letter Sudoku Easy

Can you solve these easier sudoku puzzles which use the letters from the word "Park" instead of the numbers 1-4?

Summer Sudoku

Can you solve this summer sudoku by putting the numbers 1-9 in each of the boxes making sure no number is repeated in every row, column or mini grid?

Transport Sudoku

Transport Sudoku Easy

We have a great easy transport number Sudoku, perfect for younger children. We have included a big rocket which they can also colour.

Transport Sudoku Harder

We have designed a harder transport number Sudoku. Great for challenging children and helping improve their logic skills.

Winter Sudoku

Zoo Sudoku

Lion Sudoku

Sudoku is great for helping with logic and problem solving. This lion Sudoku is great for those younger kids or those first starting out doing Sudoku puzzles.

Snake Sudoku

Another great Sudoku puzzle using numbers. Great for logic and problem solving skills.

Zoo Sudoku Easy

Another great number Sudoku for you to enjoy in our Zoo theme.

Zoo Sudoku Harder

This great number Sudoku is aimed at older children or those that are more familiar with Sudoku puzzles.