Autumn Fall Puzzle Sheets

Autumn or Fall is the time when the nights get longer and the trees change color. Why not use this extra time indoors spending time doing some activities together. We have a number of children’s activities to keep the kids busy this Autumn. Why not color one of our Fall coloring sheets or puzzle it out with the Autumn word search and maze. If you enjoy solving anagrams our Autumn word jumble is for you. Please scroll down and take a look at what activities we have available all for free!


Autumn Leaf Maze

Can you help the boy through this Autumn maze to find his friend so they can both play in the leaves? 

Word Search

Autumn Word Search

A fun Autumn word search with lots of Autumn words to find and some cute pictures to colour. 

Scarecrow Word Search

This fun Autumn scarecrow word search has lots of Autumnal words to find and a cute scarecrow to colour.

Word Scramble

Autumn / Fall Word Scramble

If you enjoy anagrams our Fall word scramble will keep you busy. We have also included a downloadable answer sheet in case you get stuck. 


Autumn / Fall Number Sudoku

This fun Autumn number Sudoku is decorated with some leaves for you to colour in some lovely Autumnal colours. 

Fall Sudoku

Can you use the letters from the word "FALL" to complete this fun Sudoku? This is extra easy as it contains two of the same letter so is perfect for those first starting out doing Sudoku. 

How Many Words Puzzles

Autumn Leaves How Many Words Puzzle

How many words can you make from the letters in "Autumn Leaves"? Why not challenge your friends or class to see who can find the most?

Dot to Dot

Squirrel Dot to Dot Puzzle

Join the dots to reveal this cute little squirrel. Perfect for improving number ordering skills.

Alphabet Challenge

Autumn Alphabet Challenge

Can you come up with a word relating to Autumn for each of the letters of the alphabet? 

Colour Copy

Acorn Colour Copy

You will need to get your brown and green crayons out to copy the colours in this cute little acorn.

Mushroom Colour Copy

Copy the colours in the completed picture of the mushroom to create your own cute version.