We have many themes available and are constantly adding more so please scroll down to see what we have and check back regularly to see what new things we have added. 

ABC Handwriting Practice

Practice writing the alphabet with these lovely “ABC” sheets all of which have an activity, letter tracing and handwriting practice. Perfect for young and pre-school children first starting on their letters.

Adult Colouring

These detailed, intricate sheets are perfect to help you relax, achieve mindfulness, and get back in touch with your creative side. 

Alphabet Letters

Includes all letters from A-Z. We have created lots of alphabet sheets to help your child learn their letters. There are also some great colouring pages that can be used to decorate books or the classroom and puzzles to reinforce their learning.

Ancient Egypt

Welcome to our Ancient Egyptian themed puzzle, colouring and activity pages. There is lots here to keep you busy from crosswords to colourings we have something to keep you busy.

Ancient Greece

Why not take a step back in time and explore our Ancient Greece theme? There are lots of interesting colouring, information and puzzle sheets to keep you busy.

Ancient Rome

Why not take a step back through history and take a look at our Ancient Roman content including colourings, word searches, crosswords and much more.


Our animals topic is huge and we are working hard to add more. We have tried to split the different animals up into where they are from and broad topics. If you can't find the animal you are looking for you could always try our A-Z of animals.

Around The World

Explore the world with our great section which includes lots of far away country flags, colourings, puzzles and more.

A-Z of animals

We are working on adding lots of great animal pages to our site. All the animals we add will be in various themes such as "pets", "farm animals" etc.. but also listed here alphabetically. We hope this will make it easier for you to find the animal you want.


This great section features lots of colouring, puzzle and fact sheets focussed on the Aztec Empire and is a great place to learn more about the Aztecs.

Black History Month

Black history month is celebrated each year in February in the United States and Canada, and October in the UK and Ireland. It is a way of remembering important people, events and achievements of African Americans. It honours all Black people from all periods of US history, from the enslaved people first brought over from Africa in the early 17th century, to those African Americans living in the United States today.


There is nothing better than a camping trip, whether that's with the family, or with the scouts or guides, it is always great to get out into the wild and experience nature. Whether you are going on a summer camp or a camping trip there are lots of colourings, puzzles and games to keep you busy.

Chinese New Year

We have split the Chinese New Year content up by zodiac year, please click on the relevant Year to access the content:


Christmas is such a special time of the year and we have created some very special activity and coloring sheets for your little ones to enjoy.


We have lots of great free colourings, puzzles, games and lots more to print out if you are looking at a circus theme or want some sheets to increase the excitement of a circus visit. 


We have lots of construction content, including construction vehicles, jobs, tools and lots more all ready for you to explore.


Welcome to our dance coloring and activity pages. We have lots of dance themed coloring pages, word searches, mazes and other activities to keep your kids busy.


This section has lots of dinosaur coloring sheets, facts, mazes, Sudoku, word searches and lots more to keep your dinosaur lover busy for hours.


Easter is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have created lots of colourings, puzzles, worksheets and much more to celebrate this.

Farm Animals

Our Farm animal pages are packed with puzzles, activities and colorings to keep the kids busy.


Our flowers section has lots of lovely flowers to color and activities to keep you busy.


We have a great food section, whether you are looking at healthy foods, fruit and vegetables or wanting a cupcake as a treat we have got lots of content to keep you busy.

Food A-Z

An A-Z listing of all our foods to make it easier to find the food colourings, puzzles and printables you want.

Fruit and Vegetable

We have lots of Fruit and vegetables themed content for you to print and share. Great for a healthy eating topic.

Human Body

It is important that children learn about their bodies, giving them more confidence to describe the different parts of their body and giving them the vocabulary to communicate if something is wrong. We have created lots of great sheets in our human body section including sheets on the human skeleton, organs, the five senses and much more.


We have lots of free printable resources in our maths section. Whether you want some worksheets for home schooling, to practice what they have learnt at school or even just for fun we have something for everyone. We have also included lots of maths puzzles and games for those that like a maths challenge. 


The free printable minibeast section has lots of original minibeast and bug content.


Monsters are always a popular theme at Halloween or any other time of the year. We have lots of monster colourings, puzzles and games to enjoy.

Musical Instruments

We have a great selection of free musical instrument colouring pages, puzzles and worksheets all ready to be printed. We hope you enjoy them.

Oceans and Continents

Welcome to our oceans and continents theme. This section is all about the oceans and continents of the world.


Celebrate the Olympics with our Olympic themed activities, colourings, puzzles and games.

People Who Help Us

There are lots of people that help us in our day to day lives; including teachers, doctors, dentists, nurses, firefighters, police and lots more. We have lots of word searches, puzzles, crosswords and games for each of the people that help us.


Our pets section is great if you are studying a pets themed topic or even if your child wants to learn more about their favourite pet. 


Ahoy there and welcome to our pirate themed activities, colourings, puzzles and games.


Welcome to our Princess themed pages. There are lots of princess activities for you to enjoy.


School plays such a big part in the lives of our children. To reflect this we have created a whole section dedicated to going to school, whether that be the first day or the the last, we have something to cover it all. 


There is nothing better than a day at the seaside. We have got lots of colourings, puzzle sheets, word searches and lots more to keep you busy while you are getting to the beach or while you are there.


Celebrate the seasons and keep the kids entertained with our coloring sheets, word searches, puzzles and mazes. Great for rainy days or even to take on holiday.


We have some wonderful free space activities for your children to enjoy.


Our sports theme aims to cover as many sports as we can. From team sports to individual, winter to summer sports we have something for everyone.

Spring Crafts

Spring is in the air and we have lots of craft ideas and activities to keep you busy.


We have a great transport theme covering diggers, tractors, cars and so much more. Scroll down for general transport or why not click on one of our transport topics such as submarines, scooters, cars etc below.

Under The Sea

Our under the sea section has lots of free printable ocean themed content.

Unicorns and Rainbows

There is something magical about both unicorns and rainbows. We have created lots of beautiful colourings and printables for you to enjoy.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year. People exchange gifts, cards, chocolates and flowers with their Valentine.


We are subject to weather conditions every day and it is good to get children familiar with the vocabulary of the different sorts of weather we have. We have created a lot of sheets on weather including colourings, puzzles, printables and lots more.


Welcome to our zoo activity, puzzle and colouring pages.