Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome was a powerful and successful civilisation that ruled much of Europe for around 1000 years. The Ancient Romans were great architects and engineers and built many great buildings as well as aqueducts and roads. Why not take a step back through history and take a look at our Ancient Roman content including colourings, word searches, crosswords and much more. 

Ancient Rome Games

Roll A Roman Soldier Dice Game

All you need is to print out the two sheets and a dice to play this fun game. Cut out the pieces and you are ready to play. Will you be the first to build the Roman Soldier? To make it harder why not roll a 6 for each of the feet?

Roll and Cover a Roman Coin Dice Game

Print out the sheet and find two dice and you are ready to play this fun game. Play as a group and see who can cover all the coins the fastest. You can also laminate the sheet to play it again and again. 

Ancient Rome Tic Tac Toe

Cut out the pieces and challenge a friend with this great Ancient Rome version of the classic tic-tac-toe.

Ancient Rome Colouring Sheets

Roman Citizens Colouring Page

This great colouring contains two Roman citizens all ready to be coloured in. Did you know that most Roman clothes were made without sewing? Ordinary men wore plain white togas but the government leaders wore a purple stripe around the edge of their togas. The toga could only be worn by men who were citizens of Rome. 

Roman Colosseum Colouring Page

The Colosseum was the largest amphitheatre in the Roman Empire and could seat 50,000 people and was built of stone, concrete and marble. Here we have a great colouring page of the colosseum all ready to be printed out.  

Roman Shield Colouring Page

Did you know that Roman soldiers used to bunch together and use their shields to make a protective shell called a "testudo" or "tortoise"? Here we have a colouring of one of the shields that would have been used in this way.

Roman Soldier Colouring Page

Most Roman soldiers were stationed in forts close to the borders of the Empire. Here we have a Roman soldier all ready to be coloured in. 

Roman Soldier Cute Colouring Page

Did you know that the soldier wearing the plumed helmet is a centurion and led a group of 80 men. Here we have a  cute Roman soldier to colour which is perfect for younger children.

Ancient Rome Puzzle Sheets

Ancient Rome Maze

Can you guide the Roman soldier through the maze to find the gold coin in this fun Ancient Rome maze?

Ancient Rome Word Search

Can you find all 18 Ancient Rome related words in this fun word search puzzle? There is also a temple colouring to keep you busy while you search.

Ancient Rome Word Search Easy

Can you find all the Ancient Rome related words in this fun easy word search? We have only included vertical and horizontal words in this to make it easier for younger children and we also have a solution sheet in case they get stuck.

Ancient Rome Crossword Puzzle

This fun Ancient Rome crossword is perfect if you are studying a topic on the Roman Empire. Will you be able to solve all the clues? We have a solution sheet if you get stuck.

Ancient Rome Word Scramble

Our Ancient Rome word scramble is great for anagram and word puzzle lovers. Can you unscramble all 10 words? We have a solution sheet in case you get stuck.

Ancient Rome Number Sudoku

We have created a harder Ancient Rome themed number Sudoku using the numbers 1-9. This is suitable for more experienced Sudoku puzzlers or slightly older children. There are also some Ancient Rome themed pictures to colour whilst you are puzzling. 

Ancient Rome Word Sudoku

We have created an easier Ancient Rome word Sudoku suitable for younger puzzlers.  

Ancient Rome Boggled Puzzle

Can you find as many words as you can following the rules provided in this fun Ancient Rome word puzzle? If you find any Ancient Roman related words they score double points. 

Roman Coin Grid Copy

Draw your own Roman coin on the grid provided, take it one square at a time. Great for improving observation skills.

Roman Soldier Grid Copy

Draw your own Roman soldier with the help of the grid provided. Take it one square at a time to create your own masterpiece. 

Roman Temple Grid Copy

Use the grid and picture provided to create your own Ancient Roman temple. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?

Roman Empire How Many Words Puzzle

How many words can you make of 2 or more letters from "The Roman Empire"? This can be completed individually or can be done as a class challenge.

Ancient Rome Word Wheel Puzzle

Can you find as many two or more letter words as you can from the letters provided. You can only use each letter once and each word must contain the letter in the centre. Can you find the 9 letter word?

Roman Empire Word Wheel Puzzle

Can you find as many words as you can in this fun word wheel puzzle. There is also a 9 letter word to be found relating to Ancient Rome, will you be able to find it?

Ancient Rome Alphabet Challenge Puzzle

Can you think of a word relating to Ancient Rome for each of the letters of the alphabet? This is not an easy challenge and can be done either individually or as a class. 

Roman Soldier Colour Copy

Colour the Roman soldier to match the already coloured soldier. Great for improving observation and colour matching skills. 

Colour, Cut and Glue a Roman Soldier

This fun sheet allows you to create your own Roman soldier. Colour the soldier in, cut out the pieces carefully and glue them together so that it looks like the picture. You will need to glue it down in the correct order.  

Cut and Glue a Roman Soldier

This pre-coloured Roman soldier is all ready to be cut out and put back together. Perfect if you are doing an Ancient Rome theme and great for improving scissor skills.