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Ancient Egypt Wordfit

Ancient Egyptian WordFit Puzzle

We have lots of Egyptian words to put in the correct place in this Ancient Egypt wordfit puzzle.

Ancient Greece Wordfit

Ancient Greece Wordfit Puzzle

We have lots of words relating to Ancient Greece to fit into this Ancient Greece word fit puzzle. We have included a picture of a Greek vase for you to colour in as well.

Aztecs Wordfit

Aztec Word Fit Puzzle

Can you fit the Aztec related words into the grid provided?

Dinosaurs Wordfit

Farm Animals Wordfit

Flowers Wordfit

Flower Crossword

We have a great flower wordfit crossword to keep you busy.

Fruit and Vegetable Wordfit

Fruit and Vegetable Crossword

Can you fit the fruit and vegetables into the grid in this great fruit and vegetable crossword? Perfect for teaching fruits and vegetables or healthy eating. 

Minibeasts Wordfit

Monsters Wordfit

Other Wordfit

Hanukkah Wordfit Puzzle

Can you fit all the Hanukkah related words into the grid? A perfect Hanukkah activity. Why not print this out together with some other puzzles and colouring sheets to make your own Hanukkah activity booklet?

St. Andrew's day Wordfit Puzzle

Can you fit all the words relating to St. Andrew's day into the grid? A perfect way to celebrate St. Andrew's day. 

Thanksgiving Wordfit Puzzle

Can you fit all the Thanksgiving related words into the grid? Perfect class or family activity.

Pets Wordfit

Pets Word Fit

Fit the pet themed words into our great word fit puzzle. There is even a lovely picture of a tortoise to colour. 

Pirates Wordfit

Princesses Wordfit

Space Wordfit

Summer Wordfit

Under The Sea Wordfit

Winter Wordfit

Zoo Wordfit

Zoo Wordfit Puzzle

Our popular word fit puzzles are great to help kids with their logic and it has a zoo theme for all those animal lovers.