Fish (Sea) Puzzle Sheets

Did you know that there are over 30,000 species of fish? There are more species of fish than mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians put together! This section contains some great colourings, puzzles and lots more all on the topic of fish.


Fish Maze

Can you help the little fish through the maze to get to the coral?

Word Search

Fish Species Word Search

Can you find all 18 fish in this fun word search puzzle? There is also a cute fish to colour in while you are searching.

Fish Word Search

Our fish word search is great for keeping the kids busy and helps build concentration. We have fifteen fish related words to find, hope you find them all.

Fish Word Search Easier

There are lots of fish to find in this fun word search puzzle. We have made it easier by only including horizontal and vertical words to make it easier for younger children.


Fish Word Fit

Can you slot all of the fish words into the grid? We have a solution sheet you can download if you get stuck.

Word Scramble

Fish Word Scramble

Can you unscramble all ten fish in this fun anagram sheet? We have a solution sheet that you can download if you get stuck.


Fish Boggled Puzzle

Can you find as many words as you can in this fun word puzzle game using the rules provided. Don't forget to give yourself double points for any fish related words you find. Why not challenge your friends or class to see who can find the most?

Shadow Match

Fish Shadow Match

Can you match the fish to the correct shadow in this fun puzzle sheet. Great for improving observational skills in early years. 

Grid copy

Clownfish Grid Copy

Copy the clownfish onto the grid provided. It is easier if you complete one square at a time and the picture is soon complete. 

Fish Grid Copy

We have a very happy fish for you to copy box by box to make the whole picture. Lots of detail so a little challenging. 

Puffer Fish Grid Copy

I love this picture of a puffer fish as it is so cute. You can draw your own version by copying the fish onto the grid provided. It is easy if you copy one square at a time.

Colour By Numbers

Fish Colour by Number

You will need a red, yellow and orange crayon to colour in the cute little fish in this colour by numbers puzzle.

Fish Colour by Number 2

Get your yellow and orange crayons ready in this fun fish colour by number puzzle.

Lionfish Colour by Number

You will need an orange, yellow, brown and red crayon to colour in this lionfish. 

How Many Words Puzzles

Fish How Many Words Puzzle

How many words of two or more letters can you make from the phrase "fish in the sea"? Write down all the words you find and challenge your classmates to see who can find the most.

Dot to Dot

Fish Dot to Dot

Join the dots to complete the cute picture of this fish. Why not colour your completed picture to make it extra special?

Jigsaw Puzzles

Fish Number Jigsaw Puzzle

This fun fish number jigsaw is perfect for helping to improve number ordering skills. Cut out the picture into the ten numbered strips and try to put the picture back together. If you want to make it harder you could cut the numbers off and try to solve using the picture alone.

Fish Printable Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this fun fish jigsaw puzzle, cut out the pieces and you are ready to play. 

Alphabet Challenge

Fish Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a fish related word for each of the letters of the alphabet? Think of the different types of fish, where they live and words to describe them. 

Colour Copy

Fish Colour Copy

This cute little fish is all ready to be coloured in. Use the completed picture as a guide to help you.

Puffer Fish Colour Copy

This little puffer fish is so cute and is all ready to be coloured in using the completed picture as a colour guide.

Spot The Difference

Fish Find the Difference

Can you find the 10 differences between the two pictures featuring a swordfish and some smaller fish swimming in the ocean?

Cut and Glue

Fish Cut and Glue

Cut out the shapes and stick them down in the correct place on the picture. A great puzzle for helping to improve scissor skills.

Complete The Picture

Clownfish Complete the Picture Puzzle

Fill in the missing squares using the completed picture and grid to create your own picture of this cute little clownfish.

Picture Puzzle

Fish Picture Puzzle

Using the co-ordinates draw the squares into the correct place on the grid to reveal this fun fishy picture. If you are not wanting to draw the squares you can always cut them out and stick them down instead. 

Block Puzzles

Fish Block Fit Puzzle

Cut out the shapes and try to fit them onto the fish grid provided in this fun block fit puzzle. We have provided a solution sheet that you can download if you get stuck.