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Ancient Egypt Worksheet

Canopic Jar Information Sheet

Our canopic jar information sheet contains lots of interesting facts about canopic jars and a canopic jar to colour in.

Basketball Worksheet

Who's Feet - Basketball Player

Can you finish off the picture by drawing the rest of the basketball player in this fun worksheet?

Minibeasts Worksheet

Label the Minibeasts Sheet 1

Label the minibeasts on this fun sheet, great if you are studying minibeasts.

Label the Minibeasts Sheet 2

This our second in our label the minibeast pages.

Minibeast Spotter Sheet

We have a great minibeast spotter sheet. Great fun to take into the garden or woods and see how many of each of the minibeasts you can find. We have included lots of minibeasts including spiders, snails and lots more. This sheet is great to use together with our minibeast spotter tally sheet and even better when coloured in.

Minibeast Spotter Tally Sheet

Why not take our minibeast spotter tally sheet outside and see how many minibeasts you can spot? Great for a minibeast project and learning how to do tally charts. Why not make a bar graph from the results?

Weather Worksheet

Draw the Weather

Use the prompts to draw the different weather related actions, places or activities in this fun worksheet.

Draw the Weather Symbol

Draw the different weather symbols for each type of day on this fun worksheet.

Weather Description Diary

Use the diary to describe the weather for each day. Perfect for a weather theme.

Weather Diary

Use the weather diary to record the weather for each day. You can also cut out the weather symbols and add one to your description. Perfect for a weather theme.

Weather Measurement Diary

Use this sheet to record the weather and measure temperature, rainfall, wind direction and wind speed. Perfect for a weather theme.