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Crosswords are a great traditional puzzle guaranteed to get the kids thinking. We have lots of lovely themed crosswords for you to download and solve.

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Ancient Egypt Crossword

Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge of Ancient Egypt with this great clue crossword puzzle.

Ancient Greece Crossword

Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

Do you know what the mythical Greek monster was called that only had one eye? Do you know what games were invented by the Greeks that are still held today? Why not try and answer these and other questions about Ancient Greece in our crossword puzzle. We have included a solution sheet in case you get stuck.

Aztecs Crossword

Aztec Crossword Puzzle

How much do you know about the Aztecs? Test your knowledge with this great clue crossword puzzle.

Farm Animals Crossword

Minibeasts Crossword

Monsters Crossword

Other Crossword

Hanukkah Crossword Puzzle

There are lots of clues to solve in this Hanukkah themed crossword. A great way to introduce the topic of Hanukkah and a perfect activity to celebrate the holiday.

Scotland Crossword

How much do you know about Scotland? This great Scotland crossword is sure to test your knowledge. A great activity if you are learning about Scotland or celebrating St. Andrew's day.

Thanksgiving Crossword

How much do you know about Thanksgiving? We have a great Thanksgiving crossword to keep both the children and adults busy while the turkey is cooking! 

Pets Crossword

Pets Crossword

Crosswords are a great way to help improve your childs problem solving skills and help with their spellings. Our pets crossword puzzle has lots of clues for your child to solve.

Princesses Crossword

School Crossword

School Crossword

This school crossword puzzle will definitely keep both children and adults busy. There are plenty of clues to solve relating to the theme of school. There is also an answer sheet provided just in case you get stuck, good luck!

Transport Crossword

Transport Crossword

Can you solve this great transport crossword? My children loved solving this great puzzle sheet.

Zoo Crossword

Zoo Crossword Puzzle

A great animal themed crossword to keep the kids entertained.

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