Circus Puzzle Sheets

We have lots of great free colourings, puzzles, games and lots more to print out if you are looking at a circus theme or want some sheets to increase the excitement of a circus visit. 


Circus Mathematical Maze

We have created a fun circus mathematical maze for you to enjoy. Follow the numbers from 1 to 29 to help the clown find his way back. A great way to help children with their number ordering. 

Circus Maze

Its time for the circus, can you find your way through the maze to watch the great acts in this fun maze?

Circus Maze Easy

This great circus maze is a little easier and perfect for younger children. There is also a circus tent that can be coloured in to brighten the page. 

Word Search

Circus Word Search

Find all 20 of the circus related words in this fun word search. Perfect for a circus theme or to celebrate world circus day. Words are found vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Circus Word Search Easier

We have created an easier version of our circus word search specifically for our younger audience. There are 12 words to find and they can all be found wither horizontally or vertically. 


Circus Crossword

Can you solve all the clues on this circus crossword? We have created a solution sheet if you get stuck!


Circus Boggled Puzzle

In this circus boggled puzzle start anywhere on the grid and move in any direction to adjacent letters and form as many words as you can. Don't forget to look out for any circus related words as you get double points for these. A great puzzle to challenge your friends or class mates. 

Shadow Match

Circus Shadow Match

Match the circus object to its shadow in this fun puzzle, great for improving observation and pencil control skills.

Grid copy

Big Top Grid Copy

Draw your own circus big top tent with this fun grid copy. Why not colour it in to create your own masterpiece?

Cannon Grid Copy

This fun circus cannon is easy to draw when you copy one square at a time. This looks great if coloured in bright colours.

Circus Seal Grid Copy

You can draw your own circus seal with this fun grid copy. Just copy one square at a time to create your own masterpiece.

Clown Grid Copy

This cute clown is all ready to be drawn, just copy one square at a time to create your own drawing.

How Many Words Puzzles

Circus Showtime How Many Words Puzzle

How many words of two or more letters can you make from the letters in "circus show time"? If you can get 15 you are doing well. Why not challenge the class and see how many words you can find?

I Spy

Circus I Spy Puzzle

Can you spot and count all of the different circus items in this great I spy puzzle? Why not colour the sheet as you find and count each item to make it extra special?

Alphabet Challenge

Circus Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of something circus related for each of the letters of the alphabet? This is great to do as a class activity.

Spot The Difference

Circus Spot The Difference

Can you spot the five differences between the two circus clown pictures? 

Clown Spot The Difference Black and White Version

There are 5 differences between these two circus clowns, can you spot them all?

Cut and Glue

Build a Clown Cut and Glue

Cut the clown pieces out, layer them up and stick them down in the correct order to match the picture. Great for younger kindergarten children doing a circus theme or to help with scissor skills.

Code Breakers

Circus Code Breaker Puzzle

Can you reveal what the phrase is in this fun circus code breaker puzzle? Perfect for a circus theme or to celebrate World Circus Day.