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Arithmagons are great maths logic puzzles. The aim of of an arithmagon is to work out the missing numbers in the squares and circles. The numbers in the square boxes are found by adding together the numbers in the circles on either side. 

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Chinese New Year Arithmagon

These fun arithmagons are a great way to improve logic and maths skills. We have created a Chinese New Year themed sheet, perfect for slightly older children learning about the Chinese New Year. 

Hanukkah Arithmagon Puzzle

Arithmagons are a great way to improve maths and logic skills. These Hanukkah themed arithmagons are a great activity to celebrate Hanukkah. We have provided a solution sheet in case you get stuck. 

Thanksgiving Arithmagon Puzzle

These four arithmagon puzzles are great for improving logic skills. We have created them with a Thanksgiving theme with cute pumpkins that can be coloured in to make the sheet extra special.