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Matching games are lots of fun and help with concentration and memory skills. I loved playing matching games with my little ones. All you need to do is print out our matching sheets, cut the cards out and turn them all over. Take turns to turn two cards over and if they match then you get to keep the cards. The child with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. 

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Construction Matching

Block Construction Matching Puzzle

Can you find which blocks make up each of the constructions in this fun block matching puzzle? 

Drill Match Up

Can you match up an identical pair of drills in this fun puzzle sheet? 

Farm Animals Matching

Other Matching

Diya Matching Puzzle

Can you find and colour in the two matching diyas on this fun Diwali puzzle sheet?

Mother's Day Baby Match Up Game

Can you match the Mum to her baby in this fun animal matching up game? It makes a perfect Mother's Day puzzle.

Spring Matching

Butterfly Match Up Puzzle

Can you find two identical butterflies in this fun match up puzzle? Perfect for a study of Spring or minibeasts.

Weather Matching

Weather Photographic Match

Match the weather symbol with the photograph that best matches it in this fun matching game.

Zoo Matching

Zoo Animal Group Match

A great sheet which contains a list of animals and a list of animal groups. You need to match the animal to its correct group. We have an answer sheet just in case you get stuck.