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This section gives you an outline or starting point to design your own version.

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American Football Design Your Own

Design Your Own American Football Helmet

Use the template provided to design your very own American football helmet. Why not colour or decorate it to make it extra special?

Basketball Design Your Own

Design Your Own Basketball Shirt

Create your own design on these 2 basketball shirts. What colours will you choose?

Design Your Own Basketball Sneaker

Use the template of the sneaker to design your own, why not design your own pattern or colour way? 

Cupcakes Design Your Own

Design Your Own Cupcake

Use the sheet to design your own cupcake, you have two chances to create your perfect cupcake. Why not try and recreate it by baking it for someone special?

Human Body Design Your Own

Draw and Colour Your Own Hairstyles

There are 4 smaller hairstyles to colour in your own unique way and a larger head to add your own creative hairstyle in this fun sheet.

Draw Your Own hairstyles

Design your own unique hairstyles with this fun sheet. There are four smaller hairstyles to complete and a bigger one. Great for creativity and design.

Other Design Your Own

Decorate an Elephant for Holi

Design your own pattern on the elephant and colour it in bright colours to celebrate Holi in this fun activity page.

Design A Medal for Remembrance Day

Design your own medal to commemorate Remembrance Day. Don't forget to colour it in to make it extra special. You could even write a story about how your medal was earned.

Design A Mother's Day Medal

Does your Mum deserve a medal for all that she does for you? This is your chance to design your own medal for her. Why not give it to her as a special thank you on Mother's Day?

Design a Mother's Day Rosette

Use the template to design your own rosette to give to your mum. Why not colour it in and cut it out for her to wear on Mother's Day?

Pirates Design Your Own

Design Your Own Pirate Flag

Use this blank flag to design your own pirate flag. Will you stick to a traditional Jolly Roger or something different? A perfect activity to do on International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Police Design Your Own

Design Your Own Police Badge

Use the badge outline to design your own police badge. We have also included a finished badge for inspiration and to colour in.

Scotland Design Your Own

Draw Your Burns Night Dinner

What will you be having for your Burns Night dinner? Why not draw a picture of what you would most like to have to celebrate Scotland and Burns Night?

Soccer Design Your Own

Design Your Own Football Shirt

We have created a template football shirt for children to design their own strip. This would look great cut out to decorate the classroom. 

Design Your Own Soccer Ball

This great sheet allows children to design their own soccer ball. Will they decorate it in team colours or create something more elaborate?

Summer Design Your Own

Design a T-shirt for the Summer

Use the templates to design your own t-shirt for the summer. There is a front, back and side view so you can design the t-shirt in full.

Design Your Own Flip Flops

Use the template to design your own unique pair of flip flops. 

Design Your Own T-shirt

Use the template to design your own t-shirt. What design will you pick?