Police Worksheets

The Police are there to enforce the law, stop crime and protect us. If you are learning about the police we have lots of great colourings, puzzles and worksheets to keep you busy.

Tracing Pages

Police Car Tracing Page

Trace over the police car in this fun tracing sheet designed to help improve pen control. There is also a finished police car that can be coloured in. 

Symmetry Sheet

Police Car Symmetry Sheet

Draw the other side of the police car using the rules of symmetry to help you. If you get stuck try holding a mirror against it to see what the other side should look like.

Counting Worksheets

Left and Right Counting Worksheet

Can you count how many of the police cars are facing left and right on this fun worksheet?

Police Counting Graph

Count how many of each police object and colour a box on the graph to record each one on this fun educational counting worksheet.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own Police Badge

Use the badge outline to design your own police badge. We have also included a finished badge for inspiration and to colour in.