Cupcakes Worksheets

Cupcakes are just so yummy they need a section all to themselves. These single serve frosting or ganache covered cakes are my favourite treat. Not only are they delicious they look super cute as well. We hope you enjoy our cupcake theme.

Handwriting practice

Cupcake Handwriting Worksheet

Trace over the cupcake, and the words in this fun activity. Why not colour the cupcake in with your favourite colour frosting to make it even more special?

Trace and Colour

Cupcake Trace and Colour

Trace over the lines and colour in the cupcake to match the existing picture in this fun activity. Great for improving pencil control skills. 

Design Your Own

Design Your Own Cupcake

Use the sheet to design your own cupcake, you have two chances to create your perfect cupcake. Why not try and recreate it by baking it for someone special?