American Football Worksheets

If you are a fan of American football then you have come to the right place. We have lots of colourings, puzzles and games for you to enjoy and keep you busy.

Handwriting practice

F For Football Worksheet

This sheet is aimed at younger children, helping with their letter and word recognition. It also has handwriting practice of the word football.

F Is For Football Handwriting Practice

This sheet is aimed at younger children first learning their letters. There is a big letter F to finger trace and some handwriting practice of the word "football". There is also a big football that can be coloured in.

Counting Worksheets

American Football Count and Colour Worksheet

Count and colour the number of American football objects shown in this fun worksheet. This is a great first sheet to help with number recognition.

Design Your Own

Design Your Own American Football Helmet

Use the template provided to design your very own American football helmet. Why not colour or decorate it to make it extra special?