Pets Puzzle Sheets

Our pets section is great if you are studying a pets themed topic or even if your child wants to learn more about their favourite pet. 

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Puzzle Sheet

Pets Puzzle Sheet

Children that love their pets are sure to love our pets puzzle sheet. Perfect for taking on car jouneys or to keep them busy for a while.

Pets Puzzle Sheet 2

Our great pets puzzle sheet contains a word search, colouring, maze and word puzzle. Perfect for keeping the kids busy or why not print it out and take on a car journey or holiday?


Cat Maze

Help the cat find his ball of wool in this cute cat maze. Why not challenge your friends to see who can find their way through the quickest?

Word Search

Cat Breed Word Search

Cats are adorable and loving pets. There are lots of different breeds of cat from the Abyssinian to the Tabby. Our great cat breed word search has some of the more popular breeds hidden for you to find.

Cat Word Search

We have a great cat word search containing lots of cat related words to find and a cute cat to colour. 

Dog Breed Word Search

Whether your favourite dog is a labrador or a poodle we have lots of dog breeds to find in our great dog breed word search. 

Dog Word Search

Who couldnt resist our cute little dog? As well as our cute little dog to colour we have lots of dog related words to find in our dog word search. 

Fish Word Search

Our fish word search is great for keeping the kids busy and helps build concentration. We have fifteen fish related words to find, hope you find them all.

Gecko Word Search

Did you know that geckos communicate with each other by using vocal chirps? This great word search features some of the words you might associate with the gecko. 

Guinea Pig Word Search

Our guinea pig word search has lots of words relating to guinea pigs mixed up and hidden within it. We hope you have fun finding them.

Horse Word Search

A great puzzle for all those horsey people. Lots of horse related words to find in this horse word search. 

Parrot Word Search

Parrots are such brightly coloured intelligent creatures, who could not love them? Here we have a parrot word search with lots of parrot related words hidden within it. We hope you have fun finding them.

Pet Animal Wordsearch

We all love our pets and this pets word search has lots of our favourite pets to find.

Rabbit Word Search

Did you know that a female rabbit is called a doe and a male one a buck? Our great rabbit word search has lots of animal related words hidden within it for you to find.

Snake Word Search

We have lots of snakes and snake related words to find in our snake word search. We hope you have fun finding them.

Tortoise Word Search

We have a great tortoise word search with lots of fun tortoise words to find. Remember to look in all directions and even backwards. 


Pets Crossword

Crosswords are a great way to help improve your childs problem solving skills and help with their spellings. Our pets crossword puzzle has lots of clues for your child to solve.


Pets Word Fit

Fit the pet themed words into our great word fit puzzle. There is even a lovely picture of a tortoise to colour. 

Word Scramble

Pets Word Scramble

If you like animals and word puzzles our pet animal word scramble will be a sure winner. It has lots of pet animal anagrams to solve as well as two cute pictures of a guinea pig and tortoise to colour.


Pets Boggled Sheet

If you are a fan of word puzzles and love animals then our pets boggled puzzle sheet will be perfect for you. 

Grid copy

Cat Grid Copy

This cat grid copy sheet allows children to copy the picture square by square. It is great for concentration and a great way to create a cute picture.

Dog Grid Copy

Our dog grid copy is perfect for younger children and those new to grid copy. Just copy the cute dog in the boxes below using the top image as a guide. 

Fish Grid Copy

We have a very happy fish for you to copy box by box to make the whole picture. Lots of detail so a little challenging. 

Guinea Pig Grid Copy

We have a very cute guinea pig for you to copy. Use the boxes to build the picture up.