Did you know that a gecko's have special feet that can stick to any surface, except Teflon! Our fantastic gecko theme contains lots of colourings, information, puzzles and more, all of which you can download for free.

Gecko Colouring Sheets

Gecko Colouring

An easy gecko for you to colour or add decorations. 

Gecko Colouring 1

Did you know that the most common pet gecko is the leopard gecko? We have a lovely detailed gecko colouring page, perfect for older children.

Gecko Colouring 2 Green

Gecko's are such interesting creatures. Did you know that most species of gecko can detach their tail and regrow it! We have a lovely detailed gecko to colour in a green background. 

Gecko Decorated Colouring

A great detailed colouring of a gecko. 

Gecko Fact Sheet

Our fact sheet contains lots of interesting kid friendly facts about geckos as well as a great picture for them to colour and enjoy.

Gecko Puzzle Sheets

Gecko Word Search

Did you know that geckos communicate with each other by using vocal chirps? This great word search features some of the words you might associate with the gecko.