Does your child love dogs or want one as a new pet? Maybe you are learning about dogs as part of a topic. Our great dogs theme has lots to interest any dog lover including colourings, puzzles and more.

Dogs Colouring Sheets

Dog Adult Colouring

Who couldnt love a cute dog? We have created a detailed dog adult colouring page, perfect for older children and adults that want to relax.

Dog Colouring

There are lots of dog lovers around and we have a great dog colouring sheet for you all to enjoy.

Dog Colouring Page

A lovely cute dog colouring page.

Dog in Kennel Colouring Page

Did you know that there are more than 150 breeds of dog? They are such a popular pet and our cute dog in it's kennel is sure to appeal to lots of dog lovers. 

Police Dog Colouring Page

Police dogs play an important part in the police force from sniffing out illicit substances to protecting the officer. This police dog is all dressed and ready for action in this fun colouring page.

Dogs Puzzle Sheets

Dog Breed Word Search

Whether your favourite dog is a labrador or a poodle we have lots of dog breeds to find in our great dog breed word search. 

Dog Word Search

Who couldnt resist our cute little dog? As well as our cute little dog to colour we have lots of dog related words to find in our dog word search. 

Dog Grid Copy

Our dog grid copy is perfect for younger children and those new to grid copy. Just copy the cute dog in the boxes below using the top image as a guide.