Rabbits make a very cute pet. We have some great rabbit themed activities including colouring pages, puzzle sheets and lots more. 

Rabbits Colouring Sheets

Rabbit Adult Colouring

Our fantastic rabbit adult colouring page is jam packed with detail. This is perfect for the older child or adult that loves to colour. 

Rabbit Colouring

This lovely rabbit colouring is perfect for younger children. 

Rabbit Cute In Field

Our cute rabbit in a field of flowers colouring page is a big hit with both younger and older children. Perfect if you are wanting a rabbit as a pet or you are studying a rabbit theme.

Rabbit in Field Colouring

This colouring features our cute rabbit in a grassy field. Perfect for all the rabbit lovers or those considering getting a rabbit as a pet.

Rabbit Large Cute Colouring

This cute large rabbit is such a favourite with our younger users. Great if you are studying rabbits or are wanting a rabbit as a pet or even if you are wanting a spring or Easter themed page. We hope you ebjoy it.

Spring Rabbit on Bike Colouring Page

This cute rabbit is having lots of fun on a bike ride. Why not get some crayons and colour this beautiful page?

Rabbits Games

Roll a Rabbit Game

Will you be the first to build your rabbit in this great dice game? All the rules are printed on the sheet. There are two rabbits to cut out and play. If you require more than two players print out more of sheet two. 

Rabbits Puzzle Sheets

Rabbit Word Search

Did you know that a female rabbit is called a doe and a male one a buck? Our great rabbit word search has lots of animal related words hidden within it for you to find.

Bunny Rabbit Shadow Match

Can you match the correct bunny rabbit to its shadow by drawing a line between them? Great for improving observation and pencil control skills. 

Spring Rabbit Colour Spot The Difference

There are 5 differences to spot in this great colour bunny rabbit spot the difference puzzle. Why not challenge a friend and see who can spot them all first?

Spring Rabbit Spot The Difference

We have a cute rabbit on a bike spot the difference puzzle to celebrate Spring. There are 5 differences to find, how quick can you find them all? 

Bunny Rabbit Cut and Glue

Build a bunny rabbit by cutting out the bunny parts and sticking them together to match the picture. Great for improving scissor skills.