Aztecs Puzzle Sheets

This great section features lots of colouring, puzzle and fact sheets focussed on the Aztec Empire and is a great place to learn more about the Aztecs.

Puzzle Sheet

Aztec Puzzle Sheet

Our Aztec puzzle sheet contains four different activities to keep you busy including a word search, colouring, word wheel and maths puzzle. We hope you enjoy completing it.


Aztec Maze

Can you find your way through the maze to find the hidden Aztec temple? Why not colour the temple in to make it extra special?

Word Search

Aztec Gods Word Search

The Aztecs believed in over 200 different Gods. They believed that the Gods controlled everything including the sun, the wind, crops, families, disease and war. Here we have a selection of some of the more well known Aztec Gods to find in our Aztec Gods word search. Good luck finding them.

Aztec Word Search

Our Aztec themed word search has lots of words associated with the Aztec Empire. From temples to chocolate there are lots of words to find to keep you busy in this great word search. 


Aztec Crossword Puzzle

How much do you know about the Aztecs? Test your knowledge with this great clue crossword puzzle.


Aztec Word Fit Puzzle

Can you fit the Aztec related words into the grid provided?

Word Scramble

Aztec Word Scramble

Do you like anagrams? There are lots of Aztec related words to unscramble in our Aztec word scramble. How quick can you work them all out? 


Aztec Mask Sudoku

Fill in the grid with the letters that make up the word "MASK" in this great Aztec sudoku game.

Aztec Number Sudoku

Test your logic skills with this Aztecs number sudoku with a bonus Aztec pattern for you to colour in.