Ancient Greece Puzzle Sheets

Why not take a step back in time and explore our Ancient Greece theme? There are lots of interesting colouring, information and puzzle sheets to keep you busy.

Puzzle Sheet

Ancient Greece Puzzle Sheet

Our puzzle sheets are great for car journeys or giving your class or child something to keep them busy on a rainy day. They are also perfect if you are interested in or studying Ancient Greece. This puzzle sheet contains four activities to keep you busy including a crossword, word scramble, colouring and Sudoku. All the activities have an Ancient Greece theme and we have also created a solution sheet in case you get stuck. 


Ancient Greece Maze Hard

The Greek lady wants to find the temple to visit the statue of the Goddess Hera. Can you guide her through the city maze to find it?

Ancient Greece Temple Maze Easy

Guide the tourist through the old city to visit the temple with this great Ancient Greece temple maze puzzle.

Word Search

Ancient Greece Word Search

We have lots of words associated with Ancient Greece to find in our Ancient Greece word search. A great word search if you are interested in or studying the Ancient Greece civilisation. 

Greek Gods and Goddesses Word Search

How many of the Greek Gods do you know? Here we have fourteen of the more well known Greek Gods and Goddesses to find in this Greek God and Goddesses word search. 

Greek Mythology Word Search

Greek mythology is the set of stories that were told about the ancient gods, goddesses, heroes and rituals of the Ancient Greeks. Lots of monsters and creatures featured in these stories and are included in our Greek mythology word search including Medusa, Cerberus, Pegasus and lots more. We hope you have fun finding them.


Ancient Greece Crossword Puzzle

Do you know what the mythical Greek monster was called that only had one eye? Do you know what games were invented by the Greeks that are still held today? Why not try and answer these and other questions about Ancient Greece in our crossword puzzle. We have included a solution sheet in case you get stuck.


Ancient Greece Wordfit Puzzle

We have lots of words relating to Ancient Greece to fit into this Ancient Greece word fit puzzle. We have included a picture of a Greek vase for you to colour in as well.

Word Scramble

Ancient Greece Word Scramble

We have lots of jumbled up words relating to Ancient Greece in our word scramble. Perfect if you enjoy solving anagrams and are interested in or studying Ancient Greece.  


Ancient Greece Number Sudoku

Here we have a traditional number Sudoku decorated with some Ancient Greek coins. Great for helping with problem solving and logic skills.

Greek Gods Easy Sudoku

In Ancient Greece they worshipped a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. One of these Gods is Zeus, the God of the sky. Can you put all the letters of the words "ZEUS" into this ancient Greece Sudoku puzzle? There are two easy puzzles for you to try complete with the solutions.