Valentine's Day Puzzle Sheets

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th each year. People exchange gifts, cards, chocolates and flowers with their Valentine.


Valentine's Day Heart Maze

This fun heart maze makes a perfect puzzle to complete on Valentine's Day.

Word Search

Valentine Word Search

There are 18 words to find in this fun Valentine's Day word search. Why not complete it with your someone special?

Valentine Word Search Easy

Can you find the 12 Valentine's words in this fun word search puzzle? We have only included vertical and horizontal words to make it easier for younger children and those new to word searches. 


Valentine Picture Crossword

Can you solve all the picture clues in this fun Valentine's Day crossword? We have provided a downloadable solution sheet in case you get stuck.


Valentine Boggled Puzzle

Why not do this fun word puzzle on Valentine's Day? How many words can you find using the rules provided? Don't forget to give yourself double points for any Valentine themed word!

Shadow Match

Cupid Shadow Match Puzzle

Can you match the cupid up to the correct shadow? A great puzzle, perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day.

Valentine Shadow Match

Can you match the various Valentine pictures up to their correct shadow? A fun Valentines puzzle.

Grid copy

Bunch of Flowers Grid Copy

This beautiful bunch of flowers is all ready to be copied and coloured in. Use the grid provided to copy the picture one square at a time. It won't take long before you have your own beautiful bunch of flowers drawn.

Cupid Grid Copy

Copy each square one at a time to draw your own cute cupid, perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day.

Valentine Angel Grid Copy

Copy each square one at a time to draw your own cute little angel, perfect foe celebrating Valentine's Day.

Dot to Dot

Valentine Dove Dot To Dot

Join the dots to reveal this beautiful Valentine dove all ready for you to colour in.

Valentine Heart Dot To Dot

This heart dot to dot makes a great Valentine's Day puzzle. It is great for younger children first learning their number order. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Valentine Colouring Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Colour in this fun picture and cut into strips to make your own jigsaw puzzle perfect for Valentine's Day. 

Valentine Number Jigsaw Puzzle

This cute gnome picture makes a perfect puzzle to complete on Valentines Day. Cut out the picture into strips and put them into the correct order to reveal the picture. If you want more of a challenge you can cut the numbers off and then try to solve it.

Alphabet Challenge

Valentine Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a word relating to Valentine's Day for every letter of the alphabet? Why not try to complete it with your someone special?

Colour Copy

Valentine Angel Colour Copy

Colour this cute little Valentine's angel to match the existing one. When complete why not cut it out and make a card from it?

Valentine Bear Colour Copy

This cute little bear is all coloured in and ready for you to copy. Can you colour it in to match the completed one?

Valentine Love Birds Colour Copy

Colour the outline of these two little love birds to match the completed picture. This makes a perfect activity for Valentine's Day.

Spot The Difference

Valentine Day Spot The Difference

Can you spot the 10 differences between these two cute Valentine's Day pictures?

Complete The Picture

Lovebirds Complete The Picture

Complete the two lovebirds to make a great Valentine picture. Why not colour it in and send to someone special?

Valentine Complete The Picture

Complete the picture of this cute bear holding a heart by copying the completed picture by carefully drawing each square until you have completed it. A perfect Valentines puzzle.

Find The Object

Valentine Heart Find and Colour

Can you find and colour in the 10 Valentines hearts in this fun sheet?

Matching Pairs

Valentine Matching Pair Puzzle

Can you find two matching hearts in this fun Valentine's Day puzzle? When you find the matching pair why not colour them in?