Ancient Egypt Puzzle Sheets

Welcome to our Ancient Egyptian themed puzzle, colouring and activity pages. There is lots here to keep you busy from crosswords to colourings we have something to keep you busy.

Puzzle Sheet

Ancient Egypt Activity Sheet

Our Ancient Egyptian activity sheet contains a selection of some of our more popular puzzles including maths puzzles, colouring, a maze and a word search.


Ancient Egypt Pyramids Maze

Here we have a great Ancient Egyptian pyramids maze.  You must help the tourist find his way through the sands to get to the pyramids. Why not colour in the pictures to make this page extra special?

Word Search

Ancient Egypt Word Search

Our Ancient Egyptian word search contains many words associated with Ancient Egypt. From pyramids to Pharaoh’s there are lots of words to find to keep you busy.

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Word Search

There are lots of Gods and Goddesses to find in this Ancient Egyptian word search. It includes Isis, Horus, Set, Anubis and lots more.


Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge of Ancient Egypt with this great clue crossword puzzle.


Ancient Egyptian WordFit Puzzle

We have lots of Egyptian words to put in the correct place in this Ancient Egypt wordfit puzzle.

Word Scramble

Ancient Egyptian Word Scramble

Lots of word anagrams from Ancient Egypt to find in this word scramble puzzle. It also has a printable solution sheet.


Ancient Egyptian Number Sudoku

Fill in the grid with the numbers 1-9 in this great Ancient Egypt number Sudoku. We also have a solution sheet that you can also print out. Why not colour in the pyramids at the bottom of the page to make this sheet extra special?

Ancient Egyptian Word Sudoku

Fill in the grid with the letters that make up the word “Nile” in this great Ancient Egyptian word Sudoku. Also includes some great little pictures to colour in.