Food A-Z

We have lots of food and drink pages contained within this theme. From colourings to crosswords, word searches, worksheets, posters and more we have it covered. As well as the our a-z of individual foods we also have some broader themes that you also may want to take a look at including:

Fruit & Vegetables

Cakes, Sweets and Desserts

A-Z Foods (Please click on the letter to find the food you are looking for)


A is for Apples and we have lots of apple activities here for you to enjoy. We have apple colourings, worksheets, word searches and lots more. If apples are your favourite food or you want to learn about them as a part of a healthy eating topic then you are in the right place.


A is for Avocado. The avocado is a fruit and is believed to have originated around 10,000 years ago in the tropical climates of Mexico, Guatemala and the West Indies. We have lots of sheets that are dedicated to the avocado including avocado colouring sheets, puzzles, grid copy sheets and lots more.


B is for Banana. Did you know that a banana is actually a berry? To celebrate all things banana we have created a whole section dedicated to it including banana colourings, puzzles and lots more.


B is for broccoli, did you know that broccoli is actually a member of the cabbage family and is very high in vitamin K and vitamin C. Just 100g of broccoli has two days supply of Vitamin C!. We have lots of broccoli activities in our broccoli section including colourings, puzzles and lots more.


C is for Cherries. Did you know that the cherry tree belongs to the rose family and each tree has on average 7,000 cherries on it? We haven't got quite 7,000 sheets on cherries but we do have a good selection. From colourings to puzzles and worksheets we have it covered.


Cupcakes are just so yummy they need a section all to themselves. These single serve frosting or ganache covered cakes are my favourite treat. Not only are they delicious they look super cute as well. We hope you enjoy our cupcake theme.


G is for Grapes. Did you know that there are around 8,000 different varieties of grape? We can't promise you that many sheets on grapes but we do have a fair few including dot to dots, tracing pages, colourings and lots more.


K is for Kiwi fruit. Did you know that a kiwi fruit grows on a vine and has more vitamin C than an orange? We have lots of kiwi fruit related content including posters, puzzles and lots more.


L is for Leeks, did you know that the leek is a traditional Welsh emblem and that in Ancient Rome Emperor Nero loved leeks so much he was given the nickname Porophagus which means leek eater! We have lots of leek activities in our leek section including colourings, puzzles and lots more.


L is for Lemon. Did you know that the lemon tree is evergreen and can produce fruit all year round? We have lots of lemon related content including posters, puzzles, colourings and lots more. Perfect if you are teaching a fruit and vegetable or healthy eating topic.


O is for onion, did you know that in Greece before the very early Olympic Games athletes would consume pounds of onions leading up to the games and rubbed onions on to their bodies in an effort to warm up their muscles! We have lots of onions activities in our onion section including colourings, puzzles and lots more.


O is for Orange. Did you know that 85% of all oranges produced are used to make juice? Oranges are such a versatile fruit and very healthy. We have lots of orange related activities to keep you busy from colourings to grid copies and lots more.


P is for Pear. Did you know that the pear tree is a deciduous tree that belongs to the family of roses and that there are over 3,000 varieties of pear around the world? We don't have as many as 3,000 sheets relating to pears but we do have it covered. From colourings to grid copies and dot to dot, if you are interested in pears we have something for you.


P is for pineapple. Did you know that pineapple plants can only grow one fruit at a time and each fruit can take a year from blossom to edible fruit? They are worth the wait though! We have lots of pineapple activities in our pineapple section including colourings, puzzles and lots more.


R is for Raspberry. Did you know that a raspberry in its true botanical sense is not a fruit at all, but instead it's an aggregate fruit of numerous drupelets around a central core? It is also related to the rose family. We have lots of raspberry themed sheets available on our site from colourings, puzzles to posters, we have it covered.


S is for Strawberry. Did you know that strawberries have on average 200 seeds on them and they aren't technically a berry as they don't have their seeds on the inside, they are instead an accessory fruit! We have lots of great strawberry related content in this great section, from colourings, dot to dots and worksheets we have it all.


Sweetcorn is a type of maize and is also sometimes known as corn on the cob.


T is for tomato, did you know that tomatoes aren't always red, they can be yellow, pink, purple, black and even white! We have lots of tomato activities in our tomato section including colourings, puzzles and lots more.


W is for Watermelon. Did you know that watermelons are made up of 92% water and are one of the only foods to be classified as both a fruit and a vegetable. You can also eat the whole of a watermelon including the rind! This great section on watermelons includes lots of great colourings, posters and puzzles to keep you busy.