Food A-Z

We have lots of food and drink pages contained within this theme. From colourings to crosswords, word searches, worksheets, posters and more we have it covered. As well as the our a-z of individual foods we also have some broader themes that you also may want to take a look at including:

Fruit & Vegetables

Healthy Eating

Food A-Z Games

Fruit and Vegetable Guessing “Yes / No” game

Can you guess what fruit and vegetable is on the card just by asking yes and no questions? A fun game for learning about fruit and vegetables.

Food A-Z Colouring Sheets

Broccoli Colouring Sheet

Broccoli isn't always green I have also seen purple broccoli, what colour will you do yours?

Broccoli Smiley Face Colouring Sheet

This smiley broccoli is all ready to be coloured in

Fruit and Vegetable Coloring Competition

I designed this fruit and vegetable page to do as a competition in school during healthy eating week. It was big hit so I have made it available here.

Fruit and Vegetable Coloring Page

There are lots of fruit and vegetables to colour in this great colouring. It is also a great sheet to name all the different fruit and vegetables and perfect to start discussions on what are the children's favourites.

Onion Colouring Sheet

Onions are such a great vegetable and feature in a lot of my cooking. This onion is all ready to be coloured in. 

Onion Smiley Face Colouring Sheet

This smiley onion is all ready to be coloured in. 

Popcorn Colouring Page

What better snack to have when watching a movie or the circus than popcorn. We have created a fun colouring sheet of this delicious snack.

Strawberries Colouring Sheet

Strawberries have to be one of my favourite fruits. We have a great page ready to colour in so get your red and green crayons at the ready. 

Strawberries Smiley Face Colouring Sheet

Lots of smiley strawberries all ready to be coloured in. 

Tomatoes Colouring Sheet

Lots of juicy tomatoes ready to colour in.

Tomatoes Smiley Face Colouring

A whole bunch of smiley tomatoes ready to colour in.

Broccoli Colouring Fact Page

A great colouring page and some interesting facts about broccoli

Onion Colouring Fact Page

Lots of onion related facts and a colouring on this great sheet.

Strawberries Colouring Fact Page

Lots of interesting facts and a great colouring sheet all about strawberries.

Tomatoes Colouring Fact Page

This tomato colouring fact sheet is a great colouring sheet and also contains some interesting facts about tomatoes. 

Food A-Z Puzzle Sheets

Fruit and Vegetable Puzzle Sheet

There are lots of puzzles and activities to complete on this fruit and vegetable puzzle sheet. 

Fruit and Vegetable Maze

Can you help the boy get to the fruit and vegetables in this great maze? 

Fruit and Vegetable Word Search

There are lots of fruit and vegetables to find in this word search. 

Fruit Word Search

There are lots of fruit hidden in this fruit word search. Why not challenge a friend or the class to see who can find them first?

Vegetable Word Search

Can you find all the vegetables in this great word search?

Fruit and Vegetable Crossword

Can you fit the fruit and vegetables into the grid in this great fruit and vegetable crossword? Perfect for teaching fruits and vegetables or healthy eating. 

Fruit and Vegetable Word Scramble

Can you solve the anagrams of the fruit and vegetables with this great word scramble puzzle?

Hot Dog and Soda Grid Copy

These snacks are a favourite at the game, can you use the grid provided to draw your own hot dog and soda? Will you put mustard or mayo on the top?

Food A-Z Printables

5 a day reward chart

Help your children achieve their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day by printing them off this free printable 5 a day chart.