O is for Orange. Did you know that 85% of all oranges produced are used to make juice? Oranges are such a versatile fruit and very healthy. We have lots of orange related activities to keep you busy from colourings to grid copies and lots more. 

Oranges Colouring Sheets

O for Orange Colouring Sheet

This fun colouring has a picture of an orange ready to be coloured in as well as the letters "O" and word "orange" to help with both letter and word recognition. 

Orange Labelled Colouring Sheet

This orange colouring page contains the label "orange" to help with word recognition. Great for colouring in to display in the classroom. 

Oranges Colouring

A lovely colouring of some oranges all ready to be coloured in. 

Oranges Colouring Sheet

Get your orange crayon at the ready to colour in these juicy looking oranges.

Oranges Smiley Face Colouring Sheet

We have lots of smiley oranges that are looking super cute and are all ready to be coloured in. 

Oranges Colouring Fact Page

Lots of interesting facts about oranges as well as a colouring on this great sheet.

Oranges Printables

O is for Orange Poster

This colourful giant flashcard is a perfect poster for displaying in the classroom. It contains both the letter "O" and word "orange" to help with letter and word recognition.

Orange Labelled Poster

This colourful poster of an orange has a label to help with word recognition. Perfect for displaying in the classroom.

Orange Poster

This colourful picture of an orange is a perfect poster for display.

Oranges Acrostic Poem

Can you create a descriptive acrostic poem relating to oranges? A great class activity that needs lots of imagination. 

Oranges Puzzle Sheets

Orange Grid Copy

Recreate the cute orange by copying the picture one square at a time. Perfect for improving observation and pencil skills.

Orange Dot To Dot

Join the dots to reveal this cute orange. Great for improving pencil control as well as helping to improve number recognition and number ordering. 

Orange Complete The Picture

Use the completed picture of the orange to help you draw your own by filling in the missing parts in this great puzzle.

Oranges Worksheets

Orange Tracing Page

This cute orange is all ready to be traced over. Great for improving pencil skills. 

O is for Orange Worksheet

This fun worksheet has an orange to colour as well as the word "orange" to trace over to help with handwriting practice. 

Orange Trace and Colour Sheet

Trace over the orange and colour it in to create a matching orange. Great for pencil control and colouring practice.