K is for Kiwi fruit. Did you know that a kiwi fruit grows on a vine and has more vitamin C than an orange? We have lots of kiwi fruit related content including posters, puzzles and lots more.

Kiwi Colouring Sheets

K for Kiwi Colouring Sheet

This cute kiwi alphabet colouring page has the letter "k" and word "kiwi" to help with letter and word recognition.

Kiwi Colouring Page

Get your brown and green crayons at the ready to colour in this fun kiwi colouring page.

Kiwi Labelled Colouring Sheet

A great kiwi fruit colouring page with label to help with word recognition.

Kiwi Printables

K is for Kiwi Poster

This giant flashcard poster of a kiwi is perfect for display in the classroom and great if you are learning the alphabet or for a fruit and vegetable theme.

Kiwi Labelled Poster

A bright colourful kiwi fruit poster with the label "kiwi" to help with word recognition.

Kiwi Poster

A bright colourful kiwi poster, perfect for display.

Kiwi Puzzle Sheets

Kiwi Grid Copy

Create your own cute kiwi fruit drawing by copying the grid square by square. 

Kiwi Dot To Dot

This cute kiwi dot to dot puzzle is great fun and perfect for helping with number recognition and order.

Kiwi Complete The Picture

Complete the kiwi by drawing the missing parts to match the completed picture.

Kiwi Worksheets

Kiwi Tracing Page

This cute little kiwi half is all ready to be traced over. A perfect sheet for improving pencil control skills and great if you are learning about fruit and vegetables.

K is for Kiwi Worksheet

This Kiwi alphabet sheet has a large kiwi to colour and practice writing the word kiwi. Perfect for handwriting practice.

Kiwi Trace and Colour Sheet

Trace over the kiwi and colour it in to match the completed one. Great for improving pencil control and colouring skills.