The free printable minibeast section has lots of original minibeast and bug drawings for you to colour as well as puzzles and games to play. You could even print our caterpillar and butterfly reward charts to help improve children’s behaviour or as a chore chart. Why not use the colouring sheets with your children to do a bug hunt and see how many bugs you can spot outside in your garden? 

Please scroll down for our general minibeast content or click on the links below for a specific minibeast.

Minibeasts Worksheets

Label the Minibeasts Sheet 1

Label the minibeasts on this fun sheet, great if you are studying minibeasts.

Label the Minibeasts Sheet 2

This our second in our label the minibeast pages.

Minibeast Spotter Sheet

We have a great minibeast spotter sheet. Great fun to take into the garden or woods and see how many of each of the minibeasts you can find. We have included lots of minibeasts including spiders, snails and lots more. This sheet is great to use together with our minibeast spotter tally sheet and even better when coloured in.

Minibeast Spotter Tally Sheet

Why not take our minibeast spotter tally sheet outside and see how many minibeasts you can spot? Great for a minibeast project and learning how to do tally charts. Why not make a bar graph from the results?

Minibeast Count and Colour Worksheet

This fun counting worksheets will get children counting our cute little minibeasts and colouring the correct number in. 

Minibeast Counting Sheet

Get the children practicing their counting skills with this cute little minibeast counting worksheet. Count how many of each minibeast and put the number in the box provided.

Minibeast Pattern Worksheet

What is next in the minibeast pattern? A fun worksheet to help children build up logic with our cute minibeasts. 

Minibeasts Games

Minibeast Bingo

Why not play a game of mini beast bingo with your class or friends? We have included a set of 10 bingo cards as well as the calling cards. Perfect for having fun and learning the names of the various minibeasts. 

Minibeasts Colouring Sheets

Butterfly Colouring

A flowery butterfly scene all ready to colour, complete with some interesting butterfly facts.

Minibeasts Puzzle Sheets

Minibeasts Printables