Butterflies are beautiful creatures coming in all shapes, sizes and colours. We have lots of great pages to explore in our butterfly section. Why not study the butterfly life cycle? You could colour one of our many butterly colouring pages or complete one of our many puzzle sheets.

Butterflies Colouring Sheets

Butterfly Basic Colouring

This cute beautiful contains the least detail of all our butterfly colouring selection. It is perfect for our younger users and great for cutting out.

Butterfly Colouring

A flowery butterfly scene all ready to colour, complete with some interesting butterfly facts.

Butterfly Colouring 2

A slightly less detailed butterfly, perfect for doodling or adding lots of colour to.

Butterfly Colouring Page

A lovely detailed butterfly ready for you to add lots of beautiful colour.

Butterfly Life Cycle Colouring Page

One of the most interesting things about the butterfly is how it changes from an egg into a butterfly. The process is called metamorphosis and is shown in our great colouring page. Perfect for those studying or with an interest in butterflies.

Butterfly Mindfulness Colouring Page

This gorgeous butterfly contains lots of detail and is perfect for older children and adults. A great mindfulness project.

Butterflies Printables

Butterfly Life Cycle Poster

A great colourful poster showing the life cycle of the butterfly from egg to fully grown butterfly. Perfect for display.

Butterflies Puzzle Sheets

Butterfly Maze

Can you help the butterflies through the maze to find their favourite flower patch? A slightly harder maze with three cute butterflies to colour.

Butterfly Word Search

This butterfly word search has lots of great butterfly related words to find and a cute butterfly to colour.

Butterfly Match Up Puzzle

Can you find two identical butterflies in this fun match up puzzle? Perfect for a study of Spring or minibeasts.

Butterfly Grid Copy

This cute butterfly makes an easier grid copy for younger children. Once drawn why not colour in with some bright colours?

Butterfly Grid Copy Harder

A slightly harder butterfly grid copy, suitable for older children. Great if you want to draw a butterfly but need a bit of help.

Butterfly Dot To Dot

Our smiley butterfly makes a great dot to dot. Perfect for number ordering and pen control. Once complete it is also great to colour in.

Butterfly Odd One Out

We have nine beautiful butterflies but can you spot which is the odd one out?

Butterfly Pegboard pattern

This pegboard pattern of a butterfly is perfect for younger children. it is based on a 10 x 10 pegboard. You could even choose a different colour to make your own version. 

Butterflies Worksheets

Butterfly Tracing Page

Our cute butterfly has been turned into a tracing page. Perfect for our younger users to practice pen control.

Butterfly Tracing Practice

Draw over the path the butterfly takes to reach the pretty flowers. This is a great sheet for younger children to practice their pencil control skills.

Butterfly Counting Puzzle

Count the number of butterflies on our great counting worksheet.