Despite its name a centipede doesn't have 100 legs, they usually only have 15 to 30 pairs of legs. We have lots more fun facts about centipedes, colourings, puzzles and worksheets in our centipede minibeast section.

Centipedes Colouring Sheets

Centipede Colouring Page

Centipedes are amazing creatures. This centipede colouring page is great for those studying minibeasts. Can you count how many legs our centipede has?

Centipede Mindfulness Colouring Page

A centipede mindfulness colouring page, perfect for those that like detail and minibeasts.

Centipedes Puzzle Sheets

Centipede Maze

This centipede is being chased by a bird that wants to eat it. Can you guide it through the maze to escape. This is a slightly easier maze for younger children.

Centipede Grid Copy

Can you count how many legs our centipede has? This centipede grid copy is sure to keep you busy for a while. Great for observation and concentration skills.

Centipede Dot to Dot

This centipede dot to dot has 73 dots to join to complete the picture. Perfect for helping with pen control.

Centipede Odd One Out

We have created a great centipede odd one out page. Will you be first to spot the difference?

Centipedes Worksheets

Centipede Tracing Page

Have your child use their finger or pen to trace around the centipede. You can get them to count how many legs it has.

Centipede Counting Puzzle

Count the number of centipedes on our centipede counting worksheet.