Ladybirds (or ladybugs) are beetles that come in many colours. Their spots and bright colours are there to try and warn predators away. The ladybird is a great addition to our minibeast section and we have some great colourings, puzzles and games available.

Ladybirds Colouring Sheets

Ladybird Basic Colouring

We have a great easier ladybird colouring with a big smile. This is perfect for our younger audience.

Ladybird Colouring

Here we have a more detailed ladybird colouring page. My children love finding ladybirds and counting their spots. Can you count how many spots our ladybird has?

Ladybird Mindfulness Colouring Page

A very detailed ladybird mindful colouring page.

Ladybirds Puzzle Sheets

Ladybird Maze

The ladybird has spotted some beautiful flowers, can you guide it through the maze to find them?

Ladybird Word Search

A cute ladybird word search with lots of ladybird related words to find.

Ladybird Grid Copy

Our ladybird is sure to make anyone smile. We have created a great grid copy sheet so you can draw your own cute ladybird.

Ladybird Grid Copy Harder

This ladybird grid copy has a lot more detail and is a bit more challenging for the older children.

Ladybird Dot To Dot

A super smiley ladybird dot to dot. This is great for teaching pen control and a great way to learn number order.

Ladybird Odd One Out

Which one of the eight little ladybirds is the odd one out?

Ladybirds Worksheets

Ladybird Tracing Page

A cute ladybird tracing page, perfect for helping early years with pen control. 

Ladybird Counting Puzzle

Count the number of ladybirds on our great counting worksheet.