Welcome to our zoo activity, puzzle and colouring pages. We have lots of zoo and animal themed coloring, mazes, sudoku, word searches and word scrambles as well as so much more, please scroll down to have a look.

Zoo Colouring Sheets

Hippopotamus Colouring Sheet

The hippopotamus loves water and the Greeks named it the river horse. We have a really cute hippo for you to colour in.

Lion Colouring Page

A cute lion for you to print and colour in

Snake Colouring Sheet

A great snake colouring page to print and colour in.

Tortoise Colouring Sheet

A cool fun tortoise for you to colour in.

Zoo Animal Colouring Sheet

A great colouring sheet featuring five popular zoo animals.

Giraffe Colouring Sheet

The giraffe is the tallest land mammal in the world. Did you know that a giraffe spends most of its life on its feet? It even sleeps standing up! We have a great giraffe colouring sheets with lots of cool giraffe facts for you to enjoy

Zoo Puzzle Sheets

Monkey Puzzle Sheet

Our fantastic monkey puzzle sheet contains a word search, monkey maths, Sudoku and colouring as well as a word puzzle. Lots to keep the kids entertained and very popular for long car journeys.

Zoo Activity Sheet

A great activity sheet which contains a clue crossword, word scramble, colouring and Sudoku. All of which have a zoo theme.

Zoo Puzzle Page

Another great zoo puzzle sheet containing a word search, colouring and maze.

Zoo Puzzle Sheet

A great puzzle sheet perfect for taking on a trip to the zoo or if you are studying animals.

Lion Maze

Help the lion find its friend in our great lion themed maze.

Monkey Maze

Monkeys just love bananas, help this cute monkey through the maze to find his tasty treat.

Animal Word Search

There are lots of animals to find in this animal word search.

Zoo Word Search

A great zoo themed word search to help get your kids thinking and puzzling.

Zoo Crossword Puzzle

A great animal themed crossword to keep the kids entertained.

Zoo Wordfit Puzzle

Our popular word fit puzzles are great to help kids with their logic and it has a zoo theme for all those animal lovers.

Animal Word Scramble

This puzzle has lots of jumbled up zoo themed words for you to find.

Zoo Word Scramble

Another great zoo themed word scramble puzzle.

Lion Sudoku

Sudoku is great for helping with logic and problem solving. This lion Sudoku is great for those younger kids or those first starting out doing Sudoku puzzles.

Snake Sudoku

Another great Sudoku puzzle using numbers. Great for logic and problem solving skills.

Zoo Sudoku Easy

Another great number Sudoku for you to enjoy in our Zoo theme.

Zoo Sudoku Harder

This great number Sudoku is aimed at older children or those that are more familiar with Sudoku puzzles.

Zoo Boggled Puzzle

A great alternative to the popular game “Boggle”. Our puzzle has a zoo theme which gain you double points. We hope you enjoy it.

Zoo Boggled Puzzle 2

A second great zoo themed boggled puzzle to keep you busy.

Zoo Animal Group Match

A great sheet which contains a list of animals and a list of animal groups. You need to match the animal to its correct group. We have an answer sheet just in case you get stuck.

Zoo Animal Silhouette

A great sheet for younger children. Match the animal to its silhouette by drawing a line between them. This is great for early pencil control and helps improve a childs observational skills.

Hippopotamus Grid Copy

This cute hippopotamus grid copy sheet allows children to copy the hippopotamus square by square. Great for improving childrens drawing, observational and concentration skills.

Lion Grid Copy

This cute lion grid copy sheet allows children to copy the lion square by square. Great for improving childrens drawing, observational and concentration skills.

Snake Grid Copy

This cute snake grid copy sheet allows children to copy the snake square by square. Great for improving childrens drawing, observational and concentration skills.