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Mother’s Day Bookmarks to Colour

Our Mother’s Day colouring bookmarks are a great gift idea for the bookworm mum!

Coupon Book

Mother’s Day Coupon Book Coloring Sheet 1

Includes front cover, car wash and hug.

Mother’s Day Coupon Book Coloring Sheet 2

Includes bath, breakfast in bed and vacuuming.

Mother’s Day Coupon Book Coloring Sheet 3

Includes watering plants, cleaning shoes and tidying garden

Acrostic Poems

Hanukkah Acrostic Poem

Get the children using their imagination and being creative with their poetry with this Hanukkah acrostic poem. 

Thanksgiving Thankful Acrostic Poem

This Thanksgiving "Thankful" acrostic poem is great to get children being creative with their writing. A perfect template for their poetry masterpiece.

Tiger Acrostic Poem

Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Tiger with this fun acrostic poem sheet. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?

Flash Cards

Hanukkah Flash Cards

We have a set of 8 Hanukkah flash cards in this one document to print out. They are a great learning tool and can be used in a variety of ways. Children can use them to recognise and spell the words relating to Hanukkah. Alternatively print out two copies and use as a matching or memory game. 

Playdough Mats

Thanksgiving Dinner Playdough Mat

This dinner plate is all ready to be filled with the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. What will children make with this great playdough mat, will it be a traditional turkey dinner or a plate of cake and jelly? 


Activity Advent Calendar

Celebrate Advent with this fun alternative advent calendar. Each day there is a different activity for your child to complete, whether that be making a paper garland, baking Christmas cookies or writing a letter to Santa every day there is a new challenge. 

Kindness Advent Calendar

The run up to Christmas is such a special time and this kindness advent calendar is a great way to make that time extra special. It is a great way to encourage children to be kind this Christmas. Each day a new act of kindness is given for the children to complete. From baking cakes and cookies for family and friends to helping out with chores and being nice to siblings, this calendar is a great alternative to the traditional calendar.