Zoo Colouring Sheets

Welcome to our zoo activity, puzzle and colouring pages.

Colouring Page

Hippopotamus Colouring Sheet

The hippopotamus loves water and the Greeks named it the river horse. We have a really cute hippo for you to colour in.

Lion Colouring Page

A cute lion for you to print and colour in

Snake Colouring Sheet

A great snake colouring page to print and colour in.

Tortoise Colouring Sheet

A cool fun tortoise for you to colour in.

Zoo Animal Colouring Sheet

A great colouring sheet featuring five popular zoo animals.

Information sheet

Giraffe Colouring Sheet

The giraffe is the tallest land mammal in the world. Did you know that a giraffe spends most of its life on its feet? It even sleeps standing up! We have a great giraffe colouring sheets with lots of cool giraffe facts for you to enjoy