Monkeys Worksheets

There are many species of African monkey including baboons, macaques, mandrills and many more. We have included lots of species of monkeys in this section, not just those found in Africa. We hope you have fun with our monkey puzzles, colourings and games.

Story paper

Baboon Story Paper

Use the sheet to make a story relating to a baboon or facts that you have found through research. We have also included a great baboon picture that is ready to be coloured in. 

Tracing Pages

Monkey Tracing Page

Trace over the picture to reveal the cute monkey and colour it in. Great for improving pencil control skills. 

How to Draw

Learn to Draw a Baboon Face

Follow the 12 steps to help you draw your own baboon face in this fun worksheet.

Learn to Draw a Monkey

Follow the steps provided to draw your own monkey with this cute learn to draw sheet. 

Labelling Worksheet

Monkey Labelling Activity

This great sheet helps to teach the different parts of a monkey just cut out each of the labels and stick them in the correct place.