African Animals Worksheets

Africa has so many of the best loved and most famous of the animals including lions, rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes and hippos. We have included all of these animals and so much more in our African animal section. Take a look at all our colouring pages, puzzles and printables all free to download.

Related themes

Story paper

Baboon Story Paper

Use the sheet to make a story relating to a baboon or facts that you have found through research. We have also included a great baboon picture that is ready to be coloured in. 

Camel Story Paper

A great sheet to use as a story starter or maybe to write all the facts you can find on camels. Can you create a story about riding a camel and the journey you go on? 

Cheetah Story Paper

The cheetah is chasing down the impala in this great story paper sheet. What story will you write? Will it be about the picture or maybe a safari where you see a cheetah?

Elephant Story Paper

This picture of a mother elephant with its baby makes a great page to help as a story starter. What adventures will they get up to? You could even colour the picture to make your story even more special.

Gazelle Story Paper

This gazelle story paper is perfect for a creative writing task. What story will you make up about the gazelle? There is also a great colouring to be completed to make your work extra special.

Giraffe on a Boat Story Paper

What adventures will the giraffe get up to on the boat with his friend? This great story paper is designed to help start a story and can also be coloured in to make it extra special. 

Hippo Story Paper

These hippos have won a trophy, can you make a story as to how they achieved this? A great story starter sheet with a fun colouring.

Hyena Story Paper

Use the picture of the laughing hyena as a story starter. What will your story be about? You can use the sheet to make notes or to write the first paragraph. Why not colour the picture to make it extra special?

Tracing Pages

Elephant Tracing Page

Trace over the lines to draw your own cute little elephant. This is perfect for helping to improve pencil control skills. 

Monkey Tracing Page

Trace over the picture to reveal the cute monkey and colour it in. Great for improving pencil control skills. 

How to Draw

Learn to Draw a Baboon Face

Follow the 12 steps to help you draw your own baboon face in this fun worksheet.

Learn to Draw a Camel

Learn to draw a cute camel with our step by step instructions. 

Learn to Draw a Hippo

Draw your own hippo by following easy steps with this fun learn to draw worksheet.

Learn to Draw a Monkey

Follow the steps provided to draw your own monkey with this cute learn to draw sheet. 

Trace and Colour

Giraffe Trace and Colour Page

Trace over the picture of the giraffe and colour it in to match the picture on the right to make your own giraffe picture. 

Labelling Worksheet

Monkey Labelling Activity

This great sheet helps to teach the different parts of a monkey just cut out each of the labels and stick them in the correct place.