Hippopotamuses are very large semi aquatic animals that live in sub-Saharan Africa. Their name comes from the Greek for "river horse". They are herbivores but are very aggressive animals if they feel threatened. We have lots of great puzzles, colourings and printables of hippos, we hope you enjoy learning about this amazing animal.

Hippopotamus Colouring Sheets

Cute Hippo Colouring

This cute hippo makes a fun colouring page. You could also decorate it with patterns before you colour it to make your own unique sheet.

Hippo Colouring Page

Get your grey crayons at the ready and colour in this great hippopotamus colouring page. 

Hippo Cute Colouring Page

These two cute little hippos are adorable and perfect for younger children to colour in. You can even cut them out and use them to decorate books etc..

Hippo in a Car Colouring Page

This cute hippopotamus is taking a car journey in this fun colouring page which is perfect for younger children.

Hippo Soccer Colouring Page

These two little hippos have just won a soccer trophy in this fun colouring page. Perfect for all those fans of hippopotamuses or football.

Hippopotamus Colouring Page

A great hippopotamus colouring page to print out and colour in.

Hippopotamus Labelled Colouring Page

This picture of a hippopotamus makes a great display poster and is labelled to help with word recognition.

Hippopotamus Mindful Colouring Page

This very detailed hippopotamus mindful colouring page is a great way to help you relax. Lots of detail and looks amazing when it is coloured in.

Hippo Colouring Card

This cute hippo taking a ride in a car makes a fun colouring card. Why not print it out, colour it and send to someone special?

Hippo Cute Colouring Card

This little hippo is so adorable and cute and makes such a fun card. You could send it as a thank you, a birthday card or even a friendship card. We hope you have fun colouring it in.

Hippopotamus Printables

Hippo Poster

This labelled colourful hippo makes a great display poster for the classroom or home. Perfect for helping with word recognition.

Hippopotamus Acrostic Poem

Use the letters of the word "hippopotamus" to create your own acrostic poem. 

Hippopotamus Puzzle Sheets

Hippo Maze

Can you guide the hippo through the maze to find its friends in this fun maze puzzle?

Hippo Word Search

There are 18 hippo related words to find in this fun word search and even a cute hippo to colour while you are searching!

Hippo Word Search Easier

We have a fun hippo word search with 12 words to find all either horizontal or vertical to make it easier for younger children or those new to word searches.

Hippo Boggled Puzzle

Find as many words as you can using the rules provided in this fun word puzzle game. Why not challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score and don't forget to give yourself double points for any word relating to hippopotamuses.

Hippo Grid Copy

Use the grid provided to make a copy of this cute hippo. If you complete one square at a time it's a lot easier and you soon have a finished picture all ready to be coloured in.

Hippo Dot To Dot Puzzle

Join the dots to reveal the hippo in this fun puzzle.

Hippo Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this colourful hippo scene and cut out the pieces to make your own great jigsaw puzzle. Why not laminate it so it can be used again and again?

Hippo Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out the sheet and cut into the ten strips. If you put the strips in order from 1-10 you will reveal the cute hippo. Great for number ordering practice for younger children.

Hippo Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a word relating to hippopotamuses for each of the letters of the alphabet? It isn't that easy for some of the letters so you might have to get a bit creative. 

Hippo Colour Copy

Get your crayons at the ready and make a colour copy of this hippopotamus.

Hippo Find The Difference

Can you find the 5 differences between these two hippo scenes in this fun spot the difference puzzle? Once you have found them all why not use as a colouring page and colour one of the scenes in?

Hippo Complete The Picture

Fill in the missing squares of the hippo drawing using the completed picture as a guide in this great observational puzzle.

Hippopotamus Worksheets

Hippo Story Paper

These hippos have won a trophy, can you make a story as to how they achieved this? A great story starter sheet with a fun colouring.

Learn to Draw a Hippo

Draw your own hippo by following easy steps with this fun learn to draw worksheet.