The spotted hyena is a highly successful animal being the most common large carnivore in Africa. It is a hunter and also a scavenger. Hyenas are know for their laugh which is a high pitch sound made when they are threatened or under attack. We have lots of hyena sheets for you to enjoy, including colourings, puzzles, word searches and much more. 

Hyenas Colouring Sheets

Hyena Colouring Page

This hyena is all ready to be coloured in and is perfect for an African animal project.

Hyena Colouring Page 2

This hyena is having a prowl around his territory in the African savannah, can you draw some background for him to walk in? 

Hyena Cute Colouring Page

This cute drawing of a hyena is perfect for younger children and a great sheet if you are learning about African animals.

Hyena Mindful Colouring Page

This detailed picture of a hyena makes a perfect mindful colouring page. It is great for older children or adults wanting to colour for relaxation.

Laughing Hyena Colouring Page

Did you know that the hyena makes a high pitched laughing noise when it is attacked or feels threatened? We have a fun picture of a laughing hyena all ready for you to colour. 

Hyenas Printables

Hyena Poster

This colourful picture of a hyena is perfect for a display in your home or classroom. Great if you are doing a study on African animals.

Hyena Acrostic Poem

This hyena acrostic poem sheet is great for creating your own poem. 

Hyenas Puzzle Sheets

Hyena Maze

Can you help the hyena through the maze to get to his pack? 

Hyena Word Search

There are 18 words to find in this fun hyena word search, we have also included a downloadable solution sheet in case you get stuck. How quick can you find them all?

Hyena Word Search Easier

There are 12 words relating to hyenas to find in this fun word search. We have made this easier by only including vertical and horizontal words to make it easier for younger children. 

Hyena Boggled Puzzle

Find as many words as you can in this fun word puzzle. All the rules are provided on the sheet. If you do find any hyena related words don't forget to give yourself double points for these. A Great game to play in the classroom.

Hyena Grid Copy

Can you make a copy of the hyena in this fun grid copy. The picture is quite detailed so makes a great challenge for older children. 

Hyena Dot to Dot

Join the dots to reveal this cute little hyena, why not colour it in to make it extra nice?

Hyena Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this jigsaw puzzle and cut around each of the pieces. Can you solve it by putting it back together? This is great if you laminate it as it can be used again and again. 

Hyena Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Cut out the picture into strips and then try and put back together by ordering the numbers from 1 to 10. This is a great puzzle for early years learning number recognition and ordering. 

Hyena Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a word relating to hyenas for each of the letters of the alphabet. Think about where they live and how you might describe them. Some letters might not be that easy so you may have to get a bit creative.

Hyena Colour Copy

Colour the hyena to match the finished one. when you have finished you can cut out your drawing and use on a card or display.

Hyena Find the Difference

Can you find 5 differences between these two pictures of a hyena having a rest on a rock? 

Hyena Cut and Glue

Cut out the pieces and glue them into the correct place to create your own hyena. Great for improving scissor skills.

Hyena Complete The Picture

Use the completed picture of the hyena to draw your own by filling in the missing boxes. 

Hyenas Worksheets

Hyena Story Paper

Use the picture of the laughing hyena as a story starter. What will your story be about? You can use the sheet to make notes or to write the first paragraph. Why not colour the picture to make it extra special?