A gazelle is a small antelope which lives in very dry environments such as the deserts, grasslands and savannahs of Africa. They have adapted to live in areas that are almost completely waterless. They are very fast nimble animals and can run at bursts of 100km/h (60 mph). We have some great gazelle content including, colourings, word searches, puzzles and lots more.

Gazelles Colouring Sheets

Gazelle Colouring Page

This majestic looking gazelle makes a great colouring page. Why not add some drawings and put him in his natural surroundings of desert, grassland and savannah?

Gazelle Cute Colouring Page

This gazelle looks so cute and makes a great colouring page for younger children. We hope you have fun colouring it in. 

Gazelle Labelled Colouring Page

This beautiful gazelle is all ready to be coloured in, we have included a label to help with word recognition.

Gazelle Mindful Colouring Page

The gazelle is known for its ability to run very quickly, we have created a great mindful colouring page of the gazelle when its in full running flight. Perfect for relaxing or if you want to colour something with a lot of detail.

Gazelle Running Colouring Page

Gazelles are so agile and nimble and can reach such high speeds when they are running, we have a gazelle in full running flight on this great colouring page. 

Gazelle Scene Colouring Page

This gazelle is at home in the desert, grasslands and savannah of Africa. We have created a great colouring of a gazelle which we hope you enjoy.

Gazelles Printables

Gazelle Poster

This cute colour picture of a gazelle is perfect for display in the classroom and great to help with word recognition.

Gazelle Acrostic Poem

Get creative with your poetry skills and create your own acrostic poem using the letters from "Gazelle". 

Gazelles Puzzle Sheets

Gazelle Word Search

Can you find all 18 words relating to gazelles in this fun word search? We have added a solution sheet that you can download if you get stuck. 

Gazelle Word Search Easy

There are 12 words to find in this gazelle word search. We have made this easier with only horizontal and vertical words included to make it suitable for younger puzzlers or those new to word searches.

Gazelle Boggled Puzzle

Find as many words as you can in this great version of the traditional Boggle game. If you find any words relating to gazelles they are worth double points. All the rules are provided on the sheet.

Gazelle Cute Grid Copy

This cute gazelle is all ready to be copied to the squares on the right in this fun grid copy.

Gazelle Grid Copy

Copy the Gazelle onto the empty grid, take your time and copy one square at a time to make it easier. 

Gazelle Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this colourful gazelle jigsaw puzzle onto some thin card and cut out the pieces all ready to solve. It is even better if you laminate it as it can be used again and again.

Gazelle Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this great number jigsaw onto some thin card and cut into strips all ready to be solved. A great way to improve number ordering skills. 

Gazelle Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a word relating to a gazelle for each of the letters of the alphabet? Think of the habitat in which they live and any descriptive words you can think of to describe gazelles.

Gazelle Colour Copy

Use the finished picture of the cute gazelle to create your own masterpiece using the same colours.  

Gazelle Complete The Picture

Complete the picture of the gazelle by filling in the blanks, great for improving observational skills.

Gazelles Worksheets

Gazelle Story Paper

This gazelle story paper is perfect for a creative writing task. What story will you make up about the gazelle? There is also a great colouring to be completed to make your work extra special.