There are many species of African monkey including baboons, macaques, mandrills and many more. We have included lots of species of monkeys in this section, not just those found in Africa. We hope you have fun with our monkey puzzles, colourings and games. 

Monkeys Colouring Sheets

Baboon Colouring Page

This cute baboon is all ready to be coloured in this fun colouring page.

Baboon Colouring Page 2

This cheeky looking baboon is waiting to be coloured in. Perfect for an African animal study. 

Baboon Mandala Colouring Page

We have created a baboon mandala colouring with lots of detail. Perfect if you want a mindful colouring page. 

Baboon Mindful Colouring Page

This mindful colouring page of a baboon has lots of detail to keep you busy.

Baboon Scene Colouring Page

This cute baboon is making its way through the jungle in this fun colouring page. 

Capuchin Colouring Page

Capuchins live in the trees in the forests of Central and South America. They are named for their "caps' of hair which resemble that of the Capuchin monks. We have a great colouring of a capuchin all ready to be coloured in. 

Chimpanzee Colouring Page

Chimpanzees are always may favourite animal to visit at the zoo and this lovely picture of a chimpanzee hiding amongst the forest makes such a great colouring page. 

Cute Monkey Colouring Page

This cute little monkey has just climbed a tree to get his dinner of a banana in this fun colouring page. 

Mandrill Colouring Page

The mandrill is native to west central Africa and is one of the most colourful mammals in the world. They have a red stripe down their nose with blue ridges on either side. Why not colour your own mandrill with this fun colouring page?

Monkey Colouring Page

Monkeys are such fun cute little mammals and we have this gorgeous little monkey all ready for you to colour in. 

Monkey Doodle Colouring Page

This picture of a monkey has lots of detail to colour and is great if you like mindful colouring.

Monkey Skateboarding Colouring Page

This monkey looks to be having such fun skateboarding in this fun colouring page.

Tamarin Colouring Page

Tamarins are native to Central and South America living in the tropical rainforest. There are a number of different species of tamarin including the emperor tamarin and the golden lion tamarin. We have a great picture of a tamarin all ready to be coloured in. 

Baboon Colouring Card

This baboon scene makes a great card and will look great coloured in. Why not try something different and colour your baboon rainbow colours?

Monkeys Printables

Baboon Poster

This cute baboon makes a great poster, we have added the word baboon to help with word recognition.

Baboon Acrostic Poem

Acrostic poems are fun to do, all you need to do is write a line that begins with each of the letters in the word "Baboon". A great class challenge.

Monkey Acrostic Poem

Can you create your own acrostic poem using the word "monkey" in this fun worksheet? There is even a cute little monkey to colour in to decorate your poem.

Chimpanzee Colouring Mask

We have a fun chimpanzee mask all ready to be coloured in. Once you have coloured it in, cut it out, cut out the eyes, punch some holes in the ears and add an elastic. Your own individual mask is all ready to be worn. 

Chimpanzee Mask Printable

Print out and cut around the chimpanzee to create your own mask. Cut out holes for the eyes and punch holes in the ears, attach an elastic and your mask is complete.

Monkey Mask Colouring Printable

Print out and colour in this fun monkey mask, you can then cut it out, add an elastic and have fun wearing it. 

Monkey Mask Printable

Print out this fun monkey mask, cut it out, punch some holes and add an elastic and your mask is all ready to wear. 

Monkeys Puzzle Sheets

Baboon Maze

Can you guide the baboon through the maze to reach the yummy banana treat?

Baboon Easy Word Search

Can you solve this baboon word search by finding the 12 baboon related words? We have made this easier and only put words horizontally and vertically to make it perfect for younger children.

Baboon Word Search

Find the 20 words relating to baboons in this fun word search. 

Monkey Word Search

Can you find all 18 monkey related words in this fun word search puzzle? We have included a solution sheet in case you get stuck. 

Monkey Word Search Easier

We have created this easier monkey word search where we have only included vertical and horizontal words making it easier for younger puzzlers.

Monkey Word Scramble

Can you unscramble the letters in these ten monkey anagrams to reveal the monkey related words? There is also a cute little monkey to colour while you are thinking. 

Baboon Boggled Puzzle

Use the rules printed on the sheet to find as many words as you can from the grid. Total your score and see if you can beat your friends, don't forget yo give yourself double points for any baboon related words.

Monkey Boggled Puzzle

Use the rules provided to make as many words as you can in this fun word puzzle game. Don't forget to give yourself double points for any monkey related words that you find.

Monkey Shadow Match

Can you match up each of the monkeys with their correct shadow in this fun monkey shadow match puzzle?

Baboon Grid Copy

Use the grid provided to copy the baboon doing one square at a time to build up the full picture. Great for improving observational and drawing skills.

Monkey Grid Copy Sheet

Draw your own cute little monkey with the help of the grid provided. Take one square at a time and the completed picture soon builds up. 

Cheeky Monkey How Many Words Puzzle

How many words can you make from the letters in "cheeky monkey"? A perfect sheet if you are studying monkeys and a great sheet to work on as a class or small group.

Monkey Mayhem How Many Words Puzzle

Monkeys are very mischievous creatures so we have created a monkey mayhem how many words puzzle, why not challenge you class or friends to see who can find the most?

Baboon Dot To Dot Puzzle

Join the dots from 1 to 32 to compete the baboon. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?

Monkey Dot to Dot

Join the dots to complete this cute monkey hanging upside down. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?

Squirrel Monkey Dot to Dot

Did you know that squirrel monkeys are considered to be one of the cleverest monkeys due to having a large brain compared to the size of their body? We have a cute little squirrel monkey dot to dot ready for you to complete.

Tamarin Dot to Dot

Join the dots to reveal this cute little tamarin in this fun dot to dot puzzle.

Baboon Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out the sheet and cut up the pieces to make your own fun baboon jigsaw puzzle. How quick can you solve it?

Baboon Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Print the sheet and cut out the strips. You now need to mix them up and try and put them in the correct order to reveal the baboon. Great for improving number ordering skills.

Monkey Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this bright monkey picture and cut into the various pieces before putting them together to solve this fun monkey jigsaw. 

Monkey Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Cut out the pieces of the monkey and arrange them in number order to reveal the picture in this fun number jigsaw puzzle. Perfect for helping to improve number ordering skills. 

Baboon Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a word beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet that relates to a baboon? You might have to get a bit creative with some of the letters.

Monkey Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a monkey related word for each of the letters of the alphabet in this fun alphabet challenge puzzle? Think about the different species of monkey, where they live, what they eat and what other animals they may meet.

Baboon Colour Copy

Use the completed picture of the baboon to help you colour your own. Can you match the colours?

Cute Monkey Colour Copy Sheet

You will need lots of shades of brown crayons to complete this cute little monkey colour match sheet. 

Mandrill Colour Copy

Mandrills are one of the most brightly coloured mammals with the red stripe running down their nose and the bright blue ridges either side. We have a a cute mandrill head all ready to be coloured in, just copy the colours from the finished one to create your own masterpiece.  

Monkey Colour Copy

Use the colours from the completed cute little monkey to colour in your own in this fun colour copy sheet.

Noodle Monkey Colour Copy Sheet

This monkey looks like he is enjoying a big bowl of yummy noodles. Why not colour in your own little monkey by matching the colours from the finished picture?

Tamarin Colour Copy

Colour the tamarin to match the finished one in this fun colour copy sheet. 

Baboon Spot The Difference

Can you find the 5 differences between the two scenes containing this cute baboon?

Monkey Find the Difference Puzzle

Can you find all 5 differences between the two pictures of monkeys in this fun spot the difference puzzle?

Baboon Complete The Picture

Fill in the gaps in the picture to draw your own baboon.

Mandrill Complete the Picture Puzzle

Complete the picture of the mandrill using the completed picture and grid as a guide in this fun complete the picture puzzle.

Monkey Complete the Picture Puzzle

Use the grid and the completed monkey to draw your own, filling in the missing squares, in this fun complete the monkey picture puzzle.

Tamarin Complete the Picture Puzzle

Use the grid and completed picture of the monkey to fill in the missing squares and draw your own cute little tamarin in this fun complete the picture puzzle.

Monkeys Worksheets

Baboon Story Paper

Use the sheet to make a story relating to a baboon or facts that you have found through research. We have also included a great baboon picture that is ready to be coloured in. 

Monkey Tracing Page

Trace over the picture to reveal the cute monkey and colour it in. Great for improving pencil control skills. 

Learn to Draw a Baboon Face

Follow the 12 steps to help you draw your own baboon face in this fun worksheet.

Learn to Draw a Monkey

Follow the steps provided to draw your own monkey with this cute learn to draw sheet. 

Monkey Labelling Activity

This great sheet helps to teach the different parts of a monkey just cut out each of the labels and stick them in the correct place.