Pineapples Worksheets

P is for pineapple. Did you know that pineapple plants can only grow one fruit at a time and each fruit can take a year from blossom to edible fruit? They are worth the wait though! We have lots of pineapple activities in our pineapple section including colourings, puzzles and lots more.

Tracing Pages

Pineapple Tracing Page

This cute pineapple is all ready to be completed by tracing over the dashed lines. A perfect sheet for improving pencil control. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?

Handwriting practice

P is for Pineapple Worksheet

This fun pineapple worksheet has a great colouring as well as handwriting practice of the word pineapple. 

Trace and Colour

Pineapple Trace and Colour Sheet

The trace and colour sheets are a great way to improve pencil control and colouring skills. Our pineapple is very cute and a perfect choice if you are teaching healthy eating or a food topic.