Seahorse Worksheets

Seahorses are a type of fish that are named because the shape of their head looks like a tiny horse head. The seahorse has a snout which sucks up food like a vacuum cleaner! We have lots of great pages relating to seahorses including colourings, word searches, puzzles and lots more.

Story paper

Seahorse Story Paper

Use the sheet to either plan or write a story. There is a great ocean scene featuring a seahorse and an oyster with pearl to help give inspiration. You could always colour it in to make it extra special.

Tracing Pages

Seahorse Tracing Page

Trace over the lines to draw your own two seahorses. Perfect for improving pencil control skills. They can also be coloured in to finish off the sheet.

Pencil Control Worksheet

Seahorse Pencil Control Worksheet

Trace over the paths that the seahorse is swimming to get to the coral. Perfect for improving first pencil control skills.