Sharks Worksheets

Sharks are fast swimming fish that have a skeleton made from cartilage instead of bone. Did you know that there skin feels like sandpaper and their teeth grow throughout their life? We have lots of great colourings, word searches and other puzzles all relating to sharks, we hope you have fun exploring this great section.

Tracing Pages

Shark Tracing Page

Trace over the dashed lines to draw your own cute little shark. Perfect for improving pencil control skills.

Symmetry Sheet

Hammerhead Shark Symmetry Page

Using the rules of symmetry draw the other half of the hammerhead shark. If you are stuck hold a mirror up to it to see what you should draw.

How to Draw

Learn to Draw a Shark

Use the step by step instructions to draw your own cute baby shark. You could do this in the box or if you want to draw it bigger use your own piece of paper.