Watermelons Worksheets

W is for Watermelon. Did you know that watermelons are made up of 92% water and are one of the only foods to be classified as both a fruit and a vegetable. You can also eat the whole of a watermelon including the rind! This great section on watermelons includes lots of great colourings, posters and puzzles to keep you busy.

Tracing Pages

Watermelon Tracing Page

Trace over the dashed lines to draw your own watermelon. Great for improving pencil control skills.

Handwriting practice

W is for Watermelon Worksheet

This great worksheet has a colouring of a watermelon and a word tracing to complete. Great for children learning the alphabet. 

Trace and Colour

Watermelon Trace and Colour Sheet

Trace over the dashed line to create your own watermelon, use the completed watermelon to colour yours to match. Perfect for improving pencil control and colouring skills.