Apples Worksheets

A is for Apples and we have lots of apple activities here for you to enjoy. We have apple colourings, worksheets, word searches and lots more. If apples are your favourite food or you want to learn about them as a part of a healthy eating topic then you are in the right place.

Tracing Pages

Apple Tracing Page

This very smiley apple is all ready to be traced over. Great for improving pencil control. Why not get the children to colour it in to make it extra special? 

Handwriting practice

A is for Apple Worksheet

This worksheet has an apple to colour as well as handwriting practice of the word apple. This sheet helps with word recognition and is a great sheet for children first learning their letters.

Trace and Colour

Apple Trace and Colour Sheet

Trace around the outline of the apple and colour it in to make your own masterpiece. A great way to improve both pencil and colouring skills.