Spiders Puzzle Sheets

Did you know that there are around 40,000 species of spider being found on every continent on Earth other than Antarctica? Some people love spiders and some have a real fear of them. If you do like them we have lots of great pages to keep you busy. We have spider colourings and lots of puzzles, facts and games on our spider themed pages.


Spider Maze

This cute spider has lost its way back to its web. Can you help him through the maze to find it?

Word Search

Spider Word Search

Our spider word search has lots of spider related words for you to find and a cute little spider to colour in.

Grid copy

Spider Grid Copy

Our cute smiley spider is not going to scare anyone! We have a nice easy spider grid copy that is great for younger children. 

Spider Grid Copy Harder

This more realistic spider makes a slightly more challenging grid copy. Great for all those spider lovers and older children.

Dot to Dot

Spider Dot To Dot

A great spider dot to dot to keep you busy.

Odd One Out

Spider Odd One Out

These spiders are not at all scary with their big friendly smile. Can you spot which is the odd one out?